10-flower coin

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10-flower coin
10-flower coin from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

10-flower coins are collectibles that appear exclusively in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Three of these can be collected in each level in a similar fashion to Star Coins from previous games. Collecting one grants the player 10 flower coins unless it was already collected before, in which case it is only worth three flower coins. 10-flower coins are either directly visible when exploring levels or require the player to pull a handle or interact with tulip-like flowers.

Collecting all 306 10-flower coins adds one of the six medals to the current save file.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 10フラワーコイン
10 Furawā Koin
10-Flower Coin
Chinese (Simplified) 10花花金币
Shí Huāhuā Jīnbì
10-Flower Coin
French Pièce 10 fleurs 10 flower coin
German 10er-Blumenmünze 10-Flower coin
Italian Moneta fiore da 10 10 flower coin
Portuguese Decamoeda flor Deca flower coin
Spanish Decamoneda flor Deca Flower Coin