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Event token
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First appearance Mario Kart Tour (Wild West Tour) (2020)

Event tokens are special coins that appear during certain events in Mario Kart Tour, starting with the Wild West Tour. They are octagonal green coins with a Super Star design imprinted on them, similar to Star Medals from Super Mario 3D Land and Bonus Medals from Super Mario Run. Up to 99 event tokens can be collected in a single race, and they can never be collected in bonus challenges.

Event tokens can then be used to purchase items from a Token Shop (previously known as Event Shop), which contains items not found in the Daily Selects, such as points-cap tickets and rubies. All items have a limit for how many times they can be purchased. Players can only have as many event tokens as needed to purchase all of the items in the Token Shop, after which they will stop appearing on courses. Unlike other currencies in the game, any unspent event tokens collected in one tour are not carried over to the next.

In Team Rally events, event tokens are replaced by team tokens, which serve the same function, though the player is required to collect as many as possible in order for their selected team to win. The tokens are redesigned to match the team, with the captain's emblem on a white background replacing the Super Star design and the border using a color corresponding to the captain (which is also used in the main tour image). Team tokens only appear in races if the player is using a driver from their team. Though there is no limit to how many team tokens a player can collect in a Team Rally, the token display counter can only show a maximum of five digits, so if the player has 100,000 or more tokens, the display will still read 99,999.[citation needed] During Mii Tours, team tokens can only be obtained while racing as a Mii.

From the 2021 Autumn Tour onwards, an event called Tokens Aplenty was introduced, in which players can obtain once a number of event tokens varying from 50 to 300 by finishing races on all three courses of a randomly selected cup. Unless specified otherwise, these events are held every Monday (formerly every Tuesday during the 2021 Autumn Tour and the 2021 Halloween Tour). In Team Rallies, the player can only obtain tokens from a course when they use a character on their own team.

Obtaining methods[edit]

Event tokens are obtained via various methods in tours such as hitting opponents with items or collecting them from courses. Event tokens can also be obtained by hitting Jack-o'-lanterns, kadomatsu, festive trees, and spring eggs in specific tours.

Method Tours
Collecting from courses and Item Boxes All Team Rallies, Wild West Tour, Super Mario Kart Tour, 1st Anniversary Tour, Halloween Tour (2020), Winter Tour (2020), New Year's 2021 Tour, Berlin Tour, Snow Tour, Mario Tour (2021), Ninja Tour (2021), Trick Tour (2021), Wedding Tour, Summer Tour (2021), Los Angeles Tour (2021), Frost Tour, Sydney Tour (September 2021), 2nd Anniversary Tour, Halloween Tour (2021), Holiday Tour (2021), Singapore Tour, Sky Tour, Mii Tour (2022), Yoshi Tour (2022), Doctor Tour (2022), Metropolitan Tour, Piranha Plant Tour, Sundae Tour (2022), Battle Tour, Autumn Tour (2022), Holiday Tour (2022), Space Tour (2023), Exploration Tour (2023), Mario Tour (2023), Yoshi Tour (2023), Bowser Tour (2023), Mii Tour (2023), Pipe Tour, Vacation Tour, Sundae Tour (2023)
Landing hits with shells and eggs Pirate Tour, Sunset Tour, Cat Tour (2021), Sydney Tour (April–May 2021), Kamek Tour
Landing hits with Bob-ombs Summer Festival Tour
Landing hits with bananas Los Angeles Tour (2020), Rosalina Tour, Yoshi Tour (2021), Paris Tour (2021)
Causing opponents to crash Autumn Tour (2021), Space Tour (2021), New Year's 2022 Tour, Los Angeles Tour (2022), Samurai Tour, Amsterdam Tour, Cat Tour (2022), Bangkok Tour, Ocean Tour, Bowser Tour (2022), Anniversary Tour (2022), Halloween Tour (2022), Animal Tour, New Year's Tour (2023), Winter Tour (2023), Doctor Tour (2023), Ninja Tour (2023), Spring Tour, Princess Tour, Night Tour, Sunshine Tour, Summer Tour (2023), Anniversary Tour (2023)
Performing Mini-Turbos Penguin Tour
Keeping combo bonuses[1] Unused


  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter:
    • "A limited-time event in which you collect event tokens is on now! During the event, event tokens will appear and can be exchanged for drivers, rubies, and more in the Event Shop. Collect as many as you can in a week and exchange them for great items!"[2]
    • "Collect event tokens by landing hits with shells in this limited-time #MarioKartTour event available now. You can exchange these tokens for great items like rubies and points-cap tickets in the Event Shop, so don't let this opportunity pass you by!"[3]
    • "Collect event tokens by landing hits with Bob-ombs, then exchange them for great items in the limited-time #MarioKartTour event available now. This is the time to shine for drivers with the Bob-omb family of special items like Wario and Black Shy Guy!"[4]
    • "We just extended the event! Grab event tokens scattered throughout #MarioKartTour courses and exchange them for items at the Event Shop. Event tokens can come out of the Coin and Coin Box items too!"[5]
    • "Collect event tokens and exchange them for great items in the limited-time #MarioKartTour event featuring King Boo and Egg 1. Make sure you use up all of them because they don't carry over after the event ends on Sept. 22, 10:59 PM PT!"[6]
    • "Collect #MarioKartTour event tokens in the current tour by landing hits with bananas and exchange them for great items! You can get four event tokens for every hit. Perhaps a Giant Banana on a narrow path would do the trick?"[7]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボーナスメダル
Bōnasu Medaru
Bonus Medal

Chinese (simplified) 队伍奖牌
Duìwǔ Jiǎngpái
Team Medal

Chinese (traditional) 隊伍獎牌
Duìwǔ Jiǎngpái
Team Medal

French Jeton d'événement
Event token
German Event-Medaille
Event medal
Italian Medaglia evento (green coins)
Medaglia squadra (Team Token)
Event medal
Team medal
Spanish (NOA) Ficha de evento
Event token


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