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Not to be confused with Color coin.
Red colored coin

Colored coins[1], written as coloured coins[2] in the British English version, are special coins found in Wario Land 3 in the music box world. They are encountered less often than normal ones and are worth ten normal coins. Like normal coins, colored coins occasionally appear after Wario destroys blocks with his Dash Attack. They can be used to pay the golf minigame, and they come in four color variations: Gray, Red, Blue and Green Coins[3]. The color of the coin indicates which key the player is closest to; if the player is closest to the Red Key, Red Coins will spawn.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グレー・レッド・グリーン・ブルーコイン[4]
Gurē Reddo Gurīn Burū Koin
Gray, Red, Green and Blue Coins

Italian Monete grige, rosse, blu e verdi[5]
Moneta colorata[6]
Grey, red, blu and green coins
Colored coin; shared with Color coin


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