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N6 Sea Turtle Rocks

Sea Turtle Rocks is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It serves as the sixth of six levels on the north side of the music box world. When Wario begins his journey through the music box world, a big boulder is blocking the entrance to Sea Turtle Rocks. He can break the boulder, though, as soon as he powers up his Dash Attack with the Super Smash found in the Tower of Revival.

The level Sea Turtle Rocks is set on a gigantic pink rock, vaguely shaped like a turtle shell. The rock sports a pattern reminiscent of the pattern on turtle shells as well. It is located at the coast and is therefore surrounded by sea water. The rock itself is partially hollow and some of the walls are fragile enough to be broken by a well-aimed Dash Attack. The player can dig a network of tunnels through the structure that way. The water found inside the rock is murky, meaning that Wario cannot see a thing in it. There are also various caves inside Sea Turtle Rocks, including one lit by Electric Lamps, and a vast one with several rooms and, when progressing further into the cave, red Laser Grids. Deep under Sea Turtle Rocks lives a giant squid called Scowler.

Sea Turtle Rocks appears along with a cover of its soundtrack as the setting of the Wario Land 3 microgame from WarioWare Gold.



Gray Chest: Green Music Box[edit]

Wario, holding the Green Music Box

The Green Music Box[1], held in the Gray Chest, is located in Scowler's lair deep under the turtle rocks. To get the treasure, Wario first has to find his way through the structure, as well as the Gray Key to open the chest. He then must beat the boss.

Wario, fighting Scowler

The battle against Scowler the squid takes place underwater. The aquatic creature will move through the water and try to catch Wario. If the boss manages to do this, Wario will be thrown out of the cave in a way similar to the attack of Robo-Mouse. Scowler can take six hits until it is defeated. Wario first has to hit it on the head while it is trying to grab him. It will then use its tentacles like a rotor blade and dash across the room, while exposing its weak point on its underside. If Wario manages to get below the boss and swim upwards, this will damage it. Scowler will then repeat its former attack pattern, trying to grab Wario again. The process has to be repeated two more times until Scowler gives up and lets Wario get the treasure.

The Green Music Box is the third of five music boxes collected, and it has the power to open the Cave of Flames. After Wario holds it aloft, an explosion occurs on the southern mountainside of the world, revealing the entrance to aforementioned cave. While the music box plays its melody, tiny figurines of white horses can be seen spinning in the contraption.

Red Chest: Golden Right Eye[edit]

The Golden Left and Right Eyes, opening the door

The Golden Right Eye[2] lies in the Red Chest hidden inside the cave with Denki-emitting electric lamps. The entrance to the cave, though, is concealed by pitch-black water. Wario needs to purify the water with the Scepter from the Cave of Flames before he can go there. In the cave, Wario finds the Red Chest, but to reach it he has to make use of Appleby's apples and win a game of golf to get the treasure inside.

The jewel is a set of two items. The Golden Left Eye can be found in A Town in Chaos. Together they can open the yellow door with a snake imprinted on it, which can be found in the Tower of Revival. This allows Wario to progress further in that level.

Green Chest: Top Half of Sun Medallion[edit]

The two pieces of the Sun Medallion

The Top Half of Sun Medallion[2] is located in the Green Chest located in a cave near the top of the level. Wario needs the Super Jump Slam Overalls to reach the entrance, which can be found in the Castle of Illusions. The clothing will upgrade his Ground Pound, which allows him to smash through non-cracked blocks. Inside the cave Wario finds two tiny slopes on which he can perform his roll attack. The player must utilize this wisely to reach the Green Chest and its key.

The Sun Medallion, which is formed from this half and the one from the Desert Ruins, affects the east part of the world. When Wario first arrives there, the land is trapped in an eternal night. This also means that the owls in that area never rest. When Wario restores the Sun Medallion, the night on the east side of the world will come to an end. This allows Wario to make use of the owls and he can visit the levels on the east side at both day- and nighttime. On top of all this, Wario will be able to access new paths in The Colossal Hole, The Frigid Sea, and the Castle of Illusions during the daytime.

Blue Chest: Full Moon Gong[edit]

A close-up of the Full Moon Gong

The Full Moon Gong is in the Blue Chest located deeper in the cave. The door leading to the inner rooms, though, can only be entered after Wario has found the Night Vision Scope from The East Crater. This will cause the room in front of the door to light up. Behind the door, Wario finds a cave secured by Laser Grids. He can find the Blue Key and the Blue Chest by riding the carriages in the cave.

The Full Moon Gong is a mystical artifact whose loud sound has the ability to summon the moon. After retrieving it, Wario uses the Full Moon Gong to call the moon from behind the mountain on the south side of the world. This gives the player new possibilities in the level Above the Clouds and opens new paths for Wario.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]

Musical Coins[edit]

  • Four are hidden on the outside.
  • In the dark room, before the right pipe, Wario must smash some tiles to claim one.
  • Two are in the blue chest room.
  • After Wario defeats Scowler, on top of the gray chest, he must climb a ladder to claim one.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウミガメ岩場
Umigame Iwaba
Sea Turtle Rockface


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