The West Crater

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W6 The West Crater

The West Crater is a level located in the west side of the music box world in Wario Land 3. It is only accessible after the volcano erupts when Wario uses the Tusks and Green Flower. It is unlocked along with The Colossal Hole.

The treasure hunting takes place inside the volcano. This level has Fire Robota, Hammer-bots, and flames that blocks the way to the upper-left which can be pulled out using the Fire Drencher found in Above the Clouds.

This is one of the levels that has an iron wall. Wario has to rust it with the Rust Spray from the Castle of Illusions to make it destructible. Behind it, there is a door to a wind cave. Applebies can be found here, as well as a mini-game block and a gold room.



Gray Chest: Right Glass Eye[edit]

The Right Glass Eye[1] requires the Gray Key at the bottom of the level.

Hot Wario must break the blocks to the right and manage to get the key. Wario must come back to the upper area and make his way to a door by breaking walls. Then he has to use the Ball o' String Wario to break the string blocks and finally open the Gray Chest to get the treasure inside.

The jewel is a set of two items. The Left Glass Eye can be found in The Colossal Hole. Together they can open the blue door with a snake imprinted on it, which can be found in the Tower of Revival. This allows Wario to progress further in that level.

Red Chest: Saber[edit]

Wario finds the Saber

The Saber in the Red Chest requires the Super Jump Slam Overalls from the Castle of Illusions. First, the player has to enter the door behind a wall to the left side of the main area. Here, Wario will find a Silky. He has to grab it and use it to break solid blocks that blocks the way to the top of the room where the Red Key is. After getting the key, Wario has to let the Silky turn him into a Ball o' String Wario which allows Wario to break the string block and reach the bottom of the level.

Here, Wario must use his Ground Pound to break the blocks on the warp pipe and enter it. He will then find himself on a carriage, just like the one found in The Volcano's Base. The player has to guide Wario carefully because there are flames in the carriage's way. When touched, Wario will become Hot Wario and he has to restart again.

When reaching the end of this area, Wario must simply go down the ladder and open the chest.

Getting the Saber does not affect the world in any way.

Green Chest: Castle Brick[edit]

The missing Castle Brick

To get the Castle Brick from the Green Chest, Wario must pull out the flames using the Fire Drencher found in Above the Clouds. Then, he has has to use the path that was blocked by flames and enter a new door. Here, Wario must use the platforms to get the Green Key and the Green Chest (Wario sometimes needs to duck to jump from a platform to another).

This treasure opens a new path in the Castle of Illusions.

Blue Chest: Spades Crest[edit]

Wario finds the Spades Crest

To get the Spades Crest from the Blue Chest, Wario must first get the Spray Rust from the Castle of Illusions to make the wall in this level destroyable. Then, he has to, of course, destroy it and enter the door behind it. Then, Wario has to use the wind to get to an area full of blocks. Wario has to destroy them to reveal a mini-game door. Wario has to play Golf and make the mini-game block rise. Then, Wario has to get past the block and grab the barrel to destroy enemy blocks and get the Blue Key. After that, Wario has to use the Fat Wario form (By using an Appleby's apple) to reach the treasure chest and open it.

This treasure serves no purpose.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 西の火口
Nishi no Kakō
The West Crater


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