The Peaceful Village

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N2 The Peaceful Village

The Peaceful Village is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It is the second level to be found on the north side of the music box world. It becomes accessible, along with The Vast Plain, after Wario finds the Axe in Out of the Woods and cuts down the tree that blocks the paths leading to those levels.

The level itself is set in a small village near the coast. There is a main area which consists of wooden buildings and roads with street lamps that switch on at night. The buildings can be entered (if nothing like a closed door blocks the way) and they are shown to have electric light and basements. Several Fire Robota can be found on the roofs of the houses. There is also a sewer beneath the village, filled with brittle pipelines and water, and guarded by a Robo-Mouse. The village roads are patrolled by Doughnuteers, but when the sun sets, zombies emerge from the ground and haunt the place. If Wario gets bitten by an undead, he turns into Zombie Wario. The light of the street lamps can revert him to his original form, though.


Gray Chest: Blue Tablet[edit]

The Blue and Green Tablets, opening the gate

The Blue Tablet[1] is the first treasure Wario can find in The Peaceful Village, but if he hopes to obtain the Gray Key that unlocks the Gray Chest, he has to either become Zombie Wario to fall through the thin platforms in the middle of the level (night) or use the Doughnuteers to become Fat Wario and break the solid pink blocks left of those platforms (day). The Gray Chest itself can be found on the second floor of one of the buildings, guarded by a Fire Robota.

After finding this and the Green Tablet hidden in The Vast Plain, a cutscene commences. The two fragments fly to the gate at the foot of a hill on the world map and form a completed tablet. This stone tablet then fits into the keyhole of the gate, which opens it. The gate then disappears, and Wario is permitted to access the Desert Ruins on the west side of the world.

Red Chest: Blue Book[edit]

The Blue Book in use

The Blue Book[2] can be collected once Wario collects the Flute from The Stagnant Swamp and plays on the instrument, causing snakes to awaken throughout the land and rise from their jars. By jumping on the head of one of these snakes, the player can reach the rooftop of the village buildings, from which he can reach the Red Key and the door leading to the resting place of the Red Chest. The chest is guarded by a Doughnuteer, which Wario has to use to reach the treasure.

After getting his hands on the spell book, Wario learns how to use the Magic Wand from The Grasslands. He then makes use of both items to freeze the entire seaside on the east side of the world. The frozen masses of water will then create a new level, called The Frigid Sea.

Green Chest: Goblet[edit]

Wario finds the Goblet in the basement

The Goblet[2] is an optional treasure and can be obtained after Wario played on the Flute from The Stagnant Swamp. From the rooftops he is able to reach the eastern district of the village. Alternatively he can also use the high jump after finding the High Jump Boots. In the east part he can find a door which is only open at night. Inside the building is a vast room filled with defect lamps that will drop bolts of electricity at Wario. He has to navigate through the room, using the invisibility potion of Mad Scienstein. In the building's basement, the Green Chest awaits the treasure hunter.

Collecting the Goblet does not affect the world in any way.

Blue Chest: Day or Night Spell[edit]

Wario can control the time by using the Day or Night Spell.

The Day or Night Spell[3], also called the Day/Night Changer[4], is in the Blue Chest located in the sewers of the village. To get there, Wario first needs to collect the Super Jump Slam Overalls from the Castle of Illusions, to use a stronger Ground Pound that shakes the earth. Using this technique, Wario can move the red Prince Froggy which blocks the access to the sewers. Underneath the village, Wario finds himself in a place full of water and pipelines. The Robo-Mouse that can be found here chases Wario and throws him out if it catches him. Wario has to escape its pursuit by breaking through the pipelines and finding the Blue Chest and its key before getting caught.

The possession of the Day or Night Spell allows the player to switch between daytime and nighttime at will. This can be done by pressing Select and selecting the Day & Night Switch[5] from the menu that appears. This can be done as many times as the player desires.


Musical Coins[edit]

  • In the right on the first Doughnuteer/zombie, Wario should break the blocks to get one.
  • Wario should become Bouncy Wario or High Jump to get one.
  • In the pipe on the roof, Wario can find a coin.
  • One is left of the Robo-Mouse.
  • One is left of the Blue Key.
  • Wario must break some breakable tiles to find one.
  • A hidden door is found in the part with three Para-Gooms, and leads Wario to a coin.
  • In the room with tadpoles, Wario should go to the water to find one.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 静かな村
Shizuka na Mura
The Peaceful Village


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