The Pool of Rain

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The Pool of Rain is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It serves as the third of six levels found at the west side of the Music Box World. Wario, in search of the five Music Boxes, cannot reach this place, because there is no rained water in the empty pool. However, after finding the Jar of Rain in Out of the Woods, a rain cloud pops out which causes itself to rain in the empty pool, opening the path to The Pool of Rain in the process.


Grey Chest: The Cog Wheel A[edit]

The treasure of the Grey Treasure Chest is across several small brown platforms over the pool. If the player does a ground pound on one platform, it will sink and another one will rise. If the player forces a platform high enough, he or she can reach higher platforms, allowing Wario to reach the key and the area where the gray treasure chest is located.

Cog Wheel A and Cog Wheel B, found in A Town in Chaos, are required to make the elevator in the east side to work, opening the path to The Grasslands.

Red Chest: Ring of Revival (Blue)[edit]

The two Rings of Revival (red and blue).

To get this treasure, Wario must acquire the miracle seed from The Big Bridge. This makes a vine grow in The Pool of Rain allowing Wario to access a new area where the red key is found. Once obtained, he needs to go through the door near the entrance to the level and open the Red Chest inside.

The blue Ring of Revival, along with the red one found in The Vast Plain, make the Tower of Revival emerge from the ground in the south side.

Green Chest: Mist Fan[edit]

Wario must need the Double-Finned Flippers from Tower of Revival to get this treasure.

The player has to swim into the water and through the area surrounded by Spikes where a Haridama swims in. Through the door is a large area of currents that leads to the green key and the level's boss, Wolfenboss. The water currents push Wario the direction they flow.

Wario then faces Wolfenboss, the guardian of the green chest. Wolfenboss shoots energy balls at Wario. If he is hit, he restarts. Wario has to wait until he throws a spiked ball and wait until a red little monster, resembling a Goomba, comes out of it. Then, Wario must choose the right place to hit him so he can bounce off the wall Wario is facing and hit Wolfenboss. When hit three times, Wolfenboss falls and causes the cover blocking the way to the green chest to be removed.

The Mist Fan blows the mist at the south side away and opens the path to The Stagnant Swamp.

Blue Chest: Yellow Crayon[edit]

The sign that reads "GAME" has been colored yellow, along with the pink wall, the cyan sky and the blue bushes.

The Player needs the Air-Pump from The Colossal Hole in order to reach the door underwater, right of the Spike area.

Through the door is a cave full of Pneumos. Wario must go right to get the blue key for the chest. Then he must go left to the other side of the cave, but as he does, a Pneumo has to follow him to where he's going. Then Wario has to turn into Puffy Wario by the Pneumo's stinger to get the chest above and find the Yellow Crayon.

Once the Yellow Crayon has been collected, it flies to a hill on the north side of the Music Box World. A building resembling a tower can be found there, complete with a door and a sign that reads "GAME". The scene is initially monochrome, but gains another color for each Crayon Wario manages to find. There are seven Crayons in total hidden throughout the game, and once Wario finds all of them, he will be able to play the golf minigame there at every time the player desires. The Yellow Crayon colors the sign over the door.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雨水の池
Amamizu no Ike
Pond of Rainwater