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The East Crater is a location found in Wario Land 3. It is not accessible from the beginning, however, when Wario gets the Treasure Map from Tower of Revival, he can access this level.

The level takes place inside a volcano. To get to its bottom, Wario has to break several Enemy Blocks with barrels. Prince Froggies can also be found here. Wario can shake the ground to get them out of the way. In the bottom of this level, Wario can also find lava, that, if he falls in it, he will turn into Hot Wario. This will allow him to defeat the Prince Froggies. This is where Wario gets his very last power-up. This level is one of the two levels that have flames blocking Wario's way to other treasures, Wario needs the Fire Drencher found in Above the Clouds to pull them out. The other level is The West Crater.

A secret warp can also be accessed using the Pick-Axe from Above the Clouds. The Pick-Axe will make a fissure in the wall and reveal the warp. The level also has a wind cave. There is no air at the entrance at the beginning. However, after Wario finds the Jackhammer from Above the Clouds, it will drill some holes and hot air will come out.


Gray Chest: Super Grab Gloves[edit]

The Super Grab Gloves[1][2], also called the Glove with Superpower II[3], is an upgrade found in the level's Gray Chest. Wario must first get to the level's bottom by breaking Enemy Blocks with barrels and avoiding Pneumos. Then, he has keep shaking the ground to make the Prince Froggy get to the top. He can use him to get the Gray Key. Then, Wario has to use the lava and transform into Hot Wario, and defeat the Prince Froggies to the left who are blocking the way to the Gray Chest. Then, he simply has to open the chest to discover his last power-up that allows him to lift heavy enemies.

Red Chest: Diamonds Crest[edit]

Wario finds the Diamond Crest

The Diamond Crest in the Red Chest requires the Fire Drencher from Above the Clouds. Wario must make his way to the bottom of the level and turn into Hot Wario and defeat the Prince Froggy found on the right. Then, he has to process to the next room, where a snake can be found. Here, Wario must enter the first door he sees. Here, Wario must enter another door to find himself in an area with two Para-Gooms. He has to use one of them to get rid of the Enemy Blocks blocking the way to the Red Key in the first area.

Then, Wario has to come back to the first area and ground-pound a normal block to reach the key. The Red chest is above him, but Enemy Blocks and Bonfire Blocks are blocking the way to it. He has to return to where the Para-Gooms are and use one of them to break the row of the Enemy Blocks. Now, Wario has to let the snake turn him into Hot Wario to break the Bonfire Blocks and reach the Red Chest.

Getting this treasure does not effect the world in any way.

Green Chest: Night Vision Scope[edit]

Wario using the Night Vision Scope

The Night Vision Scope requires the Jackhammer from Above the Clouds. Wario must break a row of three Enemy Blocks to the right to reach a new area. Here, Wario has to use the hot air to get to the upper area of this level. Then, Wario has to use his vampire bat form to reach the Green Key. After turning back to normal, Wario has to go to the level's bottom, avoid the Kobatto enemies, and carefully make his way to the Green Chest.

This treasure reveals a secret door in the dark area of Sea Turtle Rocks.

Blue Chest: Earthen Figure[edit]

The Earthen Figure in the Blue Chest requires the Pick-Axe from Above the Clouds. Wario must go inside the warp created by the Pick-Axe to reach a new room. Here, he has to pick a barrel, toss it above the floating blocks and catch it again and break Enemy Blocks while avoiding the apples tossed by Applebies. He has to keep doing this until he gets the Blue Key and reaches the Blue Chest.

This treasure does not affect the world in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 東の火口
Higashi no Kakō
The East Crater


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