The Grasslands

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This article is about the level from Wario Land 3. For the world from Super Mario Bros. 3, see Grass Land.
S1, The Grasslands

The Grasslands is a level found in Wario Land 3. It is located in the south side of the Music Box World and it is unlocked after Wario gets the two Cog Wheels in The Pool of Rain and A Town in Chaos.

As its name implies, this level is a field and there are some holes covered with grass that Wario can't see. This is one of the three levels where a fire snake can be summoned using the flute. There is also a worm boss that Wario fights named Wormwould. When it's defeated, Wario can get the first music box.


Gray Chest: First Music Box[edit]

The first music box

To get the first music box and unlock The Big Bridge, Wario has to use the Flat Wario form and avoid the UFO looking enemies in a cave to reach the Gray Key. Then, he has to get out of the cave and defeat Wormwould to make vines grow and reach the Gray Chest.

Red Chest: Truck Wheel[edit]

The carriages in The Volcano's Base

To get this treasure, the miracle seed found in The Big Bridge is needed. If it is in Wario's possession then he can access the vine grown at the far right. But before that, he has to get the key which is above the door near the entrance.

When Wario climbs the vine and enters the new door, he'll find himself in a cave,the treasure chest is at the entrance but it's blocked by a mini game block, so Wario has to complete a minigame of Golf then come back to the chest.

These wheels makes the carriages in The Volcano's Base work.

Green Chest: Freeze Cane[edit]

The Freeze Cane

Wario needs the flute found in The Stagnant Swamp that summons the snakes to get this treasure. The player has to guide Wario to the snake found in this level. Then jump on his head so he can access to the two doors at the far left. He has to enter the upper door first and use the three red platforms carefully to get the green key. Then,he has to swim underwater by avoiding the bubbles and enter the door located there to get to the chest.

The Freeze Cane, along with the spell book found in The Peaceful Village will freeze the sea found in the east side of the Music Box World, turning it into The Frigid Sea.

Blue Chest: Fighter Mannequin[edit]

Wario finds the Fighter Mannequin

To get this chest, Wario must first have the Jumping Boots from The Colossal Hole. First, he must make his way underground until he reaches a high ledge. He can now get there using a high jump and enter the door. Here, Wario must go up the ladder and avoid the Silkies until he reaches an area with a barrel and several Applebies throwing apples to turn Wario fat. Wario must use the barrel, defeat some of them, go up the ladder and enter the door. Here, he must let the Hammer-bot hit him and turn him into a Bouncy Wario which allows him to reach the key. Then he must turn into Fat Wario to break the cake blocks in the bottom of the room. When done so, Wario has to turn into a Ball o' String Wario to break string blocks in the left room. He'll end up near the blue chest, now he must simply open it to discover the treasure.

This treasure doesn't affect the Music Box World in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 深々とした草原
Fukabuka to Shita Sōgen
Deep Grasslands