Beam Robota

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Beam Robotas attacking Wario

Beam Robota are enemies encountered in Wario Land 3, first appearing in Desert Ruins. They resemble Spear-bots except they use beams instead of spears and are blue.

When Wario is in front of a Beam Robota, it fires a blade-like beam from its chest that cuts him in half. As the effect is only temporary, it serves only as a minor nuisance. They can be defeated by any attack, and unlike Spear-bots, are safe to touch from any side.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビームロボタ[1]
Bīmu Robota
From "beam" and a derivation of「ロボット」(robotto, robot)
Spanish Robot Láser Laser Bot