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Wario under the affect of a Beam Robota's attack
Beam Robotas attacking Wario

Beam Robota are robotic enemies in Wario Land 3. When Wario is in the same row as them, they will stop and fire a cutting beam, turning around to face Wario if he is behind them. The beam goes through walls, and if it touches Wario, it causes him to be bumped slightly backwards and get sliced in half, where he will lose his grip if he is in the middle of climbing. The mutilation is temporary, as he will be reassembled back to normal shortly. Outside their beams, these enemies are safe to bump from any side. They have a similar appearance and behavior as Fire Robota and Spear-bots, who have different colors and have different weapons at their disposal.

Beam Robota appear in the following levels, in the following quantities:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビームロボタ[1]
Bīmu Robota
From "beam" and a derivation of "robot"
Spanish Robot Láser Laser Bot


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