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Species Hare
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)
A Town in Chaos
Wario meets Shoot and the tortoise, preparing for a soccer match

Shoot is one of the bosses in Wario Land 3, found in A Town in Chaos. He is a hare that plays soccer with a tortoise as his goalkeeper and with a crowd composed of Spearheads and Para-Gooms cheering for him.

To defeat Shoot, Wario must be the first to score three points. In order to score a point, Wario must jump on Shoot, turning him into a ball, and then knock him into the goal past the tortoise, similar to scoring in traditional soccer. The tortoise can be bumped into so that it temporarily withdraws into its shell and will not catch Shoot, even if it is possible to knock Shoot over the tortoise otherwise. However, Shoot can also jump on Wario to turn him into a ball, and if he catches Wario, he will kick Wario directly to the goal and always score a point, since the tortoise will not catch Wario as it retracts into its shell. In this case, Wario can revert to normal if he reaches the tortoise first. If Shoot scores three points, Wario as a ball will be thrown by the tortoise and then fly upwards until he hits the ceiling, requiring a rematch with Shoot. However, if Wario scores three points instead, Shoot jumps offscreen and then the tortoise withdraws to float up and down, allowing Wario to reach the Red Chest, which contains the Blue Music Box.

His location, appearance, name, and behavior imply that he is related to Dunk, a basketball-playing boss in Wario Land II.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュート[1]

Spanish Jugador de Futbol[2]
Football (as in Soccer) Player



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