The Warped Void

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E5 The Warped Void

The Warped Void is a place located in the east part of the music box world in Wario Land 3. It is unlocked after the player gets the Warp Compact in the Forest of Fear. The Warped Void is a maze which has many warps that take Wario to different parts of the level. Aesthetically, this level is similar to the Time Attack stage from Wario Land II.


Gray Chest: Mystery Handle[edit]

The Mystery Handle.

The Mystery Handle[1] is found in the Gray Chest near the entrance. Wario has to use the doors to get the Gray Key and open the chest. The Mystery Handle raises a pipe in the Forest of Fear.

Red Chest: Crayon (brown)[edit]

The brown Crayon in the Red Chest requires using the Remote Control found in the Forest of Fear, which allows access to another platform with warps. Here, Wario can fall into a new room. The player has to guide the falling Wario to the Red Key and to the corresponding chest without touching the yellow warps.

Once the brown crayon has been collected, it flies to the tower on the north side of the world. The scene is initially monochrome, but gains another color for each crayon Wario manages to find. There are seven crayons in total hidden throughout the game, and once Wario finds all of them, he will be able to play the golf mini-game there at any time the player desires.

Green Chest: Demon's Blood[edit]

The Demon's Blood summoning a zombie

The Demon's Blood in the Green Chest requires the Green Key found by using some doors and red barrels to break blocks and avoiding the ground-shaking enemies. Then Wario has to use the warp near the platform where the key was to fall into a new room. The player has to guide him to the chest avoiding spikes and yellow warps.

The Demon's Blood summons some zombies in the Forest of Fear.

Blue Chest: Heart Crest[edit]

Wario getting the Heart Crest.

The Heart Crest in the Blue Chest requires finding the blue and red Key Cards in the Forest of Fear, which frees a Para-Goom. Wario has to use it to break the Enemy Blocks to the left. After that, he has to make his way to the Blue Key and open its chest.

This treasure does not affect the world in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆがんだ空間
Yuganda Kūkan
The Warped Space (note that the connotation of「歪んだ」yuganda, "warped", is very negative)