Forest of Fear

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E7 Forest of Fear

Forest of Fear is a level found in Wario Land 3. It is located in the east of the music box world and is unlocked after the player gets the torch in Castle of Illusion which opens the path for this level. The red and blue Key Cards are found in this level. This level is a creepy forest with scary trees, birds, and zombies. Its music is an eerily silent tune not heard elsewhere in the game.


Gray Chest: Warp Compact[edit]

Wario holding the Warp Compact.

The Warp Compact is in the Gray Chest. To get the Gray Key, Wario has to climb a series of vines avoiding spikes and some flying birds and go to the left side of the forest. As for the treasure, he has to climb the vines again, but to the right this time.

The Warp Compact unlocks The Warped Void.

Red Chest: Key Card (red)[edit]

Wario getting the red Key Card

The Key Card in the Red Chest requires the Mystery Handle in The Warped Void and the Super Grab Gloves in The East Crater. Wario has to go to the platform where the Gray Chest was, but this time, he has to enter the nearby Warp Pipe. Then, he has to carry the Hammer-bot to the appropriate spot and use the Bouncy Wario ability in order to collect the Red Key to open the chest. He has to do the same thing to reach the Red Chest.

Green Chest: Warp Removal Apparatus[edit]

The activated Warp Removal Apparatus.

The Warp Removal Apparatus is in the Green Chest. Wario has to enter the Warp Pipe again, but this time, he has to use the Vampire Wario ability to reach the Green Key. Then, he only has to pick up a Spearhead and use it to break the blocks on the right side of the room to reach the Green Chest.

The Warp Removal Apparatus is used to make the dimensional rifts disappear in The Warped Void.

Blue Chest: Key Card (blue)[edit]

The blue Key Card.

The Key Card in the Blue Chest requires the Demon's Blood from the The Warped Void, which summons zombies in this level. Wario has to enter the door in the left side of the forest and use the zombie reaction to get the Blue Key and open the chest containing the card.

The Blue Key Card, along with the red Key Card, releases a Para-Goom in The Warped Void.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 恐怖の森
Kyōfu no Mori
Forest of Fear