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W2 The Volcano's Base

The Volcano's Base is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It serves as the second of six levels found on the west side of the Music Box World. When Wario first arrives at the west side in search of the five Music Boxes, he finds the path to The Volcano's Base blocked by a raging cyclone. A charm written on the Ancient Document from the Desert Ruins must be used to calm the storm before the level becomes accessible.

The level itself is set at the base of the volcano located in the center of the Music Box World. As such it features a rocky environment on a jagged ground. The tall volcano can be seen in the background of the level, overlooking the entire place. Besides the usual enemies like Spearheads, the level features many slopes on which Wario can perform his rolling attack. This is necessary to progress in the level. There are also some caves to be found in The Volcano's Base. The walls of said caves sport a red glow, probably because of volcanic activity. Aside from the red-colored caves there is also a big flooded cavern located underneath the level. Reachable from the main area, there is also a set of old and inactive railroads somewhere above the level.


Gray Chest: The Lead Overalls[edit]

Wario, finding the Lead Overalls

The treasure of the Gray Treasure Chest is guarded by an animated Daruma doll called Doll Boy. Wario must defeat the doll before he can hope to claim the Lead Overalls. Wario can enter the boss' lair by rolling through a row of blocks and going through a gray Warp Pipe. The battle against the boss then commences immediately.

Doll Boy, throwing hammers

In battle, Doll Boy attacks by throwing hammers at Wario, which transform him into Bouncy Wario upon contact and catapult him out of the battle. To win the dispute, Wario has to attack the three barrels Doll Boy is standing on. One of the barrels eventually begins to flash, indicating that Wario can knock it off. After Doll Boy has no barrels left to stand on, it begins to chase Wario around while swinging two hammers furiously. A successful attack stuns the boss and leaves his defense open for another attack, which will defeat him. Wario can then use the hammer that appears after the battle as an elevator in order to reach the Grey Treasure Chest. To open it, he needs the Grey Key which is hidden along the way to Doll Boy's lair.

The Lead Overalls are a pair of blue-colored working pants with special properties. When Wario equips the overalls, he instantly learns how to use a basic Ground Pound attack which enables him to smash through cracked blocks, defeat enemies and move certain creatures out of the way. This opens new possibilities for him in Out of the Woods and The Vast Plain. He can find another pair of pants later on in the Castle of Illusions, which power up his Ground Pound even further.

Red Chest: The Blue Gem[edit]

Wario, finding the Blue Gem

The Blue Gem is hidden inside the Red treasure Chest near the inactive railroad system above the level. The carriages needed to complete this challenge can be accessed right from the start, but in order to make use of them, Wario first needs to find the Wheels from The Grasslands. After repairing the carriages, Wario can ride them in order to find the chest and the appendant key while dodging the various obstacles along the way.

The Blue Gem itself is an accessory, presumably made of metal. Embedded into the bracelet is a gemstone, shaped like the symbol of Yin Yang. This item does not serve any story-related purpose, and collecting it doesn't affect the Music Box World in any way.

Green Chest: The Crown[edit]

Wario, finding the Crown

The Green Treasure Chest, like its red counterpart, can be found near the inactive railroad system, after Wario repairs the carriages. However, Wario has to take a different path than he did before. The way to the Green Treasure Chest and its key involves a fire-breathing snake and a game of golf. After Wario passes the obstacles on his way, he can find the Crown.

The Crown is another accessory that Wario can find in the Music Box World. It features three prominent spikes and is encrusted with four gemstones of different sizes, apparently rubies. Collecting this item does not serve any story-related purpose, and it doesn't affect the Music Box World in any way.

Blue Chest: The Conch Artifact (blue)[edit]

The three Conch Artifacts

The path leading to the Blue Treasure Chest and the Conch Artifact is initially blocked by thick solid rocks. Wario cannot reach it until he finds the Stone Foot in The Tidal Coast, which creates an earthquake strong enough to move the rocks out of the way. Wario can then not only reach the Blue Treasure Chest, but also use a newly created slope in order to reach the flooded cavern below the ground. Between bubbles and currents he can find the Blue Key which he needs to take to the treasure Chest in order to obtain the artifact.

The Conch Artifacts are a set of three mystical items. The other two parts can be found at The Steep Canyon and The Stagnant Swamp. When they are brought together and hold aloft, their power causes the volcano in the center of the world to erupt. Wario uses their power in order to create The Colossal Hole and to open the path to The West Crater.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 火山のふもと
Kazan no Fumoto
Volcano's Base