The Frigid Sea

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E2 The Frigid Sea

The Frigid Sea is a location found in Wario Land 3. It is located in the east side of the Music Box World. It will be accessible after Wario collects both of the Snow Storm Spell Book (The Peaceful Village) and the Freeze Cane (The Grasslands) and freezes the water in this large sea. Like all the other levels in the eastern part, this level can only be visited at nighttime. However, after Wario restores the sun emblem, he can explore it anytime. There is no difference, except for the giant ice pillar in the first area, which melts when it's daytime.

The main area is full of ice blocks and Brrr Bears that try to stalk Wario by shooting him with ice and turning him into an Ice Skatin' Wario. There is some unfrozen water at the area's bottom, where an underwater door is found there. It also has blocks that can only be destroyed by a rock (which is found in the area as well). Another area is found when Wario enters a door located on the left side of the main area. Here, Wario must use his Snow Form to break snowman blocks and process. Wario can also explore some other areas via warp pipes and doors, and of course, by getting more power-ups.


Gray Chest: Spiked Helmet[edit]

To get this treasure and have the ability to break blocks using his head, Wario must first find the gray key located behind a wall. To access it, Wario must simply break the wall. As for the chest, the hero must get to the right side of the main area by avoiding Brrr Bears and simply open the treasure chest.

When Wario equips the Spiked Helmet, he will be able to break destructible blocks from underneath. This opens new possibilities for him in A Town in Chaos and the Desert Ruins.

Red Chest: Magic Pot[edit]

Wario getting the Magic Pot

To get this treasure, Wario must first get its key. The key is located in a room full of blue birds. However, solid blocks block the door of this room. To get there, Wario must find a rock in the first area and break the blocks with it. When done so, the door is accessible. Wario must simply make his way to the top of this room and grab the red key.

As for the chest, it is located in the snowman blocks area that its door is blocked by solid blocks as well. Wario must grab the rock another time and break the blocks near the entrance. When done so, the hero must enter the area.

Here, Wario must turn into a Snowman Wario using the falling snowballs. And make himself bigger by rolling on the first slope. This will allow him to break the lower part of a wall and reach another area. The same has to be done here. By using the snowman form, Wario will roll on a slope and becomes big enough to destroy the snowman blocks in the first area and get the treasure.

Green Chest: Flame of Truth[edit]

The Flamme of Truth inside the Lantern of Truth

To get this treasure, Wario must first enter the underwater door in the main area of this level. When done so, he'll find himself near the treasure chest. The chest is accessible, however, Wario must get its key first. To do so, he has to enter the other underwater door. Then, he has to break the wall and enter the large warp pipe.

Here, Wario must avoid the Brrr Bears and activate the switch located on the left. This will freeze the water in the treasure chest area. After doing this, Wario must return to the first area by falling from the switch area. Now that the water is frozen, the key is reachable.

Finally, Wario should return to the switch area and hit the switch again to unfreeze the water, and open the treasure chest.

The Flame of Truth, along with the Lantern of Truth make the Castle of Illusions appear on the east side.

Blue Chest: UFO[edit]

Wario finding the UFO

To get this treasure, Wario must restore the sun emblem to free the eastern part from its eternal darkness. Then, he has to go to this level at daytime, when the ice pillar blocking the way to the blue chest room is melted by the sun.

In this room, Wario must make his way to the very last falling snowball, and use it to transform into Snowman Wario. Then, he must roll down the last slope, break all of the snowman blocks and get the blue key. Finally, Wario simply has to open the chest found above the key.

Collecting the UFO does not affect the Music Box World in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 凍り付いた海
Kōritsuita Umi
Frozen Sea