Snake (Wario Land 3)

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Giant Snake WL3.png

Snakes,[1][2] also known as giant snakes,[3] vipers,[4] and fire-breathing snakes,[5] are enemies found in Wario Land 3 from the Wario Land series. They are summoned in The Peaceful Village, The Volcano's Base, The Grasslands, The Colossal Hole, and The East Crater after the player discovers the fantastic flute found in The Stagnant Swamp. These snakes live in big jars, and attack by spitting fire at Wario, which turns him into Flaming Wario. Wario can use these creatures as platforms to reach higher areas, as well as exploit their attacks in order to break fire blocks and proceed. The snakes are invincible, since none of Wario's attacks succeed in defeating them (a ground pound on their heads merely make them retract into their jars and nothing more). However, if Wario opens a chest in the presence of a snake, the monster instantly vanishes with the "defeated enemy" effect, just like any other enemy or object found beside that chest. This can be seen when the player unlocks the blue chest in The East Crater, as there is a snake nearby.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツボヘビ[6]
Pot Snake