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Magnet Platforms are a type of platform that appears only in Yoshi's Island DS. They are flat and metallic and have a magnet symbol on them. When first found, they are usually high out of the Yoshi's reach. In order to bring one down, they need to use Baby Wario's magnet. Being made of metal, the Magnet Platform is attracted downwards, allowing the Yoshi and Baby Wario to access it. When the magnet is above or out of range, the platform buoys back in position, much like a spring. The player can use this to launch the Yoshi higher in the air—as long as they can time the jump correctly. The main use for Magnet Platforms is to gain access to regions that the Yoshi cannot reach any other way.

Magnet Platforms appear in Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!, Castle of Priscilla the Peckish, Number Ball Special, and At Last, Bowser's Castle! Magnet Platforms are similar to Magnet Blocks, which appear in the same regions.