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Six of the star children

The star children (singular: star child) are seven babies that possess, as Kamek puts it in Yoshi's Island DS, "an extraordinary amount of power." In the game, Bowser travels back in time to steal the stars from these children to take over the universe – the true intentions behind the kidnappings of all the children. However, few of the children captured by the Toadies turned out to be star children.[1]


Baby Yoshi, the seventh star child

Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Wario, and Baby Bowser were all captured, but Baby Mario and Baby Peach were rescued by the Stork from the initial kidnapping, Baby Luigi hid at the time Bowser was checking the babies for stars, Baby Wario was dumped in a cave by a Toady after he threw an enormous temper tantrum, and Baby Bowser enraged Bowser into kicking him out of the castle. Baby Donkey Kong is not seen escaping, but he is seen later in Baby DK, the Jungle King!, prior to the rescue of Baby Luigi.

After Bowser, Baby Bowser and Kamek are defeated, a newly hatched baby Yoshi is revealed as the seventh and final star child during the credits.

Star children[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Bimbi delle stelle Star Babies
Spanish Bebés estrellas Star babies


  1. ^ Yoshi's Island DS World 4-8 clear cinematic
    Bowser: Still no clue where the stars are?!
    Kamek: No, sir. But the crystal clearly says that the seven stars did fall during this time period. And I'm getting a strong reading that they are resting inside the hearts of the babies!
    Bowser: And you're absolutely sure that these stars are powerful enough to take over the universe?
    Kamek: No doubt about it, sir. The babies are called star children, and they each possess an extraordinary amount of power... And once they're in your royal hands, sir, the world is your oyster. Look into my crystal ball. Any star child will have a star hovering above it.
    Bowser: No no no! None of these stupid kids have stars!