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The kangaroo is a vehicle[1] used by the Yoshis in Yoshi's Island DS. Yoshis can ride the kangaroo in a manner similar to Muddy Buddy in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. However, the kangaroo differs greatly from Muddy Buddy in that she gives the Yoshis the ability to bounce up and down at an extreme height, including above the screen. While the kangaroo is bouncing, if the player holds B Button or A Button depending on their chosen controls, the kangaroo can also briefly float in midair, in a manner akin to Yoshi's Flutter Jump. Unlike Lakitu's Cloud, a Yoshi can ride the kangaroo for an unlimited amount of time, or until the end of the area she is in. When a Yoshi begins riding the kangaroo, a short jingle plays, and the baby riding the Yoshi's back seems to simply disappear; however, they reappear when the Yoshi stops riding the kangaroo.

The kangaroo is always found in coin-filled areas sectioned away by Warp Pipes. One of these areas can be found in Mario's Fleet Feet, and another is found in Windblown Wilderness.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カンガルーさん
Mrs. Kangaroo
French Kangourou Kangaroo
German Känguru Kangaroo
Italian Canguro Kangaroo
Korean 캥캥거루
From 캥거루 (kaeng'georu, kangaroo)
Spanish Canguro Kangaroo


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