World 3 (Yoshi's Island DS)

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World 3
World 3 (Yoshi's Island DS).png
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Level(s) 10
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World 3 in Yoshi's Island DS is set in a tropical beach area, which later becomes a desert cavern. The two bosses of World 3 are Bessie Bass and Priscilla the Peckish. The Yoshis meet Baby Wario in this world, who joins at the start of level 3-5 and accompanies them throughout the rest of the world. At the end of the world, Baby Wario leaves the party and joins a group of Bandits.

Level info[edit]

Code Image and name Icon Playable Yoshi Description
3-1 Screenshot of Up the Creek from Yoshi's Island DS
Up the Creek
Icon YIDS - Up the Creek.png Green Yoshi YIDS.png
This level is centered around using a raft to avoid a Lunge Fish, and progressing up a waterfall.
3-2 The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear!.png
The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear!
Icon YIDS - The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear!.png A sprite of a Pink Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
Pirate Guys are found in this level, as well as Goonies which appear in the sky. Bloopers also debut in this level.
3-3 Yoshi in the Island of Peril (3-3).
Island of Peril
Icon YIDS - Island of Peril.png A sprite of a Light Blue Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
Light Blue
This level mainly involves using pipes to advance through the level. The end of the level is identical to the beginning, though set at nighttime.
3-4 BessieBassBattleship.png
Bessie Bass's Battleship
Icon YIDS - Bessie Bass's Battleship.png A sprite of a Yellow Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This fort level takes place inside a very large pirate ship. Bessie Bass is the boss.
3-5 YIDS Here's Wario!.png
Heeeeeeere's Wario!
Icon YIDS - Here's Wario.png A sprite of a Purple Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This cave level introduces Baby Wario. Yoshi needs to use Baby Wario's magnet to attract objects and advance through the level.
3-6 Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!.png
Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!
Icon YIDS - Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick.png A sprite of an Orange Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
The majority of this level is contained within a jungle environment. Baby Wario is able to use his magnet to get coins.
3-7 Tap-Tap's Sunken Cave.png
Tap-Tap's Sunken Cave
Icon YIDS - Tap Tap's Sunken Cave.png A sprite of a Red Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This level is taken place in a subterranean environment, featuring many Tap-Taps.
3-8 Castle of Priscilla the Peckish.png
Castle of Priscilla the Peckish
Icon YIDS - Castle of Priscilla the Peckish.png A sprite of a Blue Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This castle level takes place in a castle. The level features waterfalls which can push Yoshi downward, hindering his progress. The boss is Priscilla.
Secret 3 A secret level in Yoshi's Island DS
A Light in the Dark
Icon YIDS - Secret3.png A sprite of a Black Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
A level where Yoshi has to go through a maze-like castle in the darkness. What follows is a ski section in the dark mountains, and finally, a rocky shore with Crabbles.
Extra 3 Number Ball Special
Number Ball Special
Icon YIDS - Extra3.png A sprite of a White Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
A level which takes place in an underground labyrinth where Yoshi must find Number Balls and put them in their respective slots. This is one of the two levels with the tall Gargantua Blargg.
Match Match Cards in Yoshi's Island DS.
Match Cards
Icon YIDS - Match.png Random Each match is worth a 1-Up, and if successful, the player will earn a 16-Up for all seven matches.