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This article is about a type of object used by certain characters. For the enemy character in Donkey Kong Country Returns, see Stilts (enemy).

Stilts[1][2] are objects that Stilt Guys walk on. The stilts themselves are very sturdy and appear to be made out of a wood-like material. They first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and have been used by Stilt Guys in every game they have been in since. In Yoshi's Island DS, they appear as a form of transportation for Yoshi as well as Stilt Guys. Yoshi, in some cases, has to use the stilts to run through lava. Yoshi can jump off of the Stilts at any time. It is revealed in Yoshi's Island DS that the place where Shy Guys train to become Stilt Guys is the Castle of Big Guy the Stilted and Yoshi Tower.


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