Castle of Big Guy the Stilted

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Castle of Big Guy the Stilted
Big Guy the Stilted in the game Yoshi's Island DS.
Level code 4-8
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Boss Big Guy the Stilted
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Castle of Big Guy the Stilted is the World 4 castle in Yoshi's Island DS. The boss of the castle is Big Guy the Stilted, a Shy Guy-operated robot. Yoshi uses two fireproof stilts throughout the level that help it cross the lava. After clearing the level, a cutscene tells of Bowser's plans to take over the world and explains the story of the star children. This level's playable Yoshi is the blue Yoshi.


Yoshi starts the level in a castle area with a Stork Stop, an Egg Block, and some Shy Guys on Stilts nearby. A nearby Warp Pipe leads to a room where Yoshi must use a pair of stilts to walk across the lava and break a vase containing a key. The player must go back and open the locked door which reveals an area in which Baby Mario must use a Super Star to get to the other door. Here, the player must avoid some Zeus Guys and enter a door which leads to a Stork Stop, a Middle Ring, an Egg Plant, and a wall of spikes. Beyond the wall is a key which must be used to open a locked door, with the area housing a boss door. In it is Big Guy the Stilted, who can be defeated by knocking him off the platform and ground pounding his head. When the robot is defeated, Yoshi can access the next level.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグたけうまへイホーのおしろ
Biggu Takeuma Heihō no oshiro
Big Stilt Guy's Castle

French Château du Maskéchass Géant
Big Guy the Stilted's Castle (Maskéchass Géant being the French name for Big Guy the Stilted)
German Big Guys Burg
Big Guy's Castle
Italian Il castello del Grande Tipo Trampolo
Big Guy the Stilted's Castle
Korean 거대죽마헤이호의 성
Geodaejukmaheiho'ui Seong
Big Guy the Stilted's Castle

Spanish El castillo del GigaGuy Zancudo
Big Guy the Stilted's Castle


  • In the background of the castle, it is revealed that this castle is where Shy Guys get all their training (they also train in Yoshi Tower). It appears to be something similar to a school. In the castle, they appear to be taught how to walk with stilts and they are taught about who Yoshi is. It is also here that they grow Piranha Plants. There also appears to be a Drying Room, where the Shy Guys hang their wet clothes and leave them there so they dry. Shy Guys use ladders to travel around the castle, although Yoshi does not get to use ladders.
  • This is the final level in the game where it is possible to play as Blue Yoshi.