Moving Statues, Standing Statues

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Moving Statues, Standing Statues
Moving Statues, Standing Statues.PNG
World-Level Extra 2
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Notes Self-scrolling with different statue platforms. The level is almost entirely in the air.
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Moving Statues, Standing Statues is the Extra Level of World 2 in Yoshi's Island DS. It is a self-scrolling level set in the jungle. The player must guide White Yoshi through the level by using several statue platforms in order to avoid falling into a pit or being eaten by a Boss Bass. The pyramids in the background resemble the Mayan temple of Chichen Itza.


The level starts in a jungle with enemies and moving platforms, with the next area nearby. It starts with a Middle Ring and continues with more platforms and enemies until the Yoshi reaches the next area. Here, he has to avoid a large group of Boss Bass and navigate across the platforms until he reaches the goal roulette.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うごくせきぞう とまるせきぞう
Ugoku sekizō tomaru sekizō
Moving Stone Statues and Stopping ones