Underground Mysteries

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Underground Mysteries
Underground Mysteries.png
World-Level 2-2
Game Yoshi's Island DS
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Underground Mysteries is the second level of World 2 of Yoshi's Island DS. The level takes place in an underground cave.


The level starts with Yoshi near a pipe which leads to a cave with a Chomp Rock and a Stork Stop nearby. Baby DK's Dash Attack is needed to get past some nearby soft rock and into the next area. Here, the player must get through a narrow passageway filled with Piranha Plants and become a Mole Tank to smash through more soft rock. The Yoshi must hit the Yoshi Block and continue to another area where some enemies, a Stork Stop, and a Middle Ring await. Now, all three babies and their respective abilities must be used to get to a pipe leading to the overworld. The player must get past a Windbag and some Shy Guys on Stilts to reach the goal roulette.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あなを ほってすすめ!
Ana o hotte susume!
Dig Holes and Advance!
French Mystères souterrains Underground mysteries
German Wühlgrotte "Grub Grotto" (compound of wühlen "to grub" and Grotte "grotto")
Spanish Misterios enterrados Underground Mysteries