Let There Be Light!

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Let There Be Light!
Let There Be Light!.png
Level code Extra 4
Game Yoshi's Island DS
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Let There Be Light! is the extra course of World 4 in Yoshi's Island DS. It is full of dangers such as spikes, Bullet Bills, spiked arms, Ice Blocks and the darkness in the stage itself. Yoshi must light torches to see where he is going. The name is a reference to the Biblical passage Genesis 1:3, in which the quote "Let there be light" is attributed to God. This level's playable Yoshi is the white Yoshi.


The level starts with a Stork Stop and a spike network which leads to a door with more spikes, enemies, and platforms. A Middle Ring comes soon after, along with a Warp Pipe which takes Yoshi outside to an area with moving platforms and obstacles, with another pipe nearby. The pipe takes Yoshi back inside to an area where he has to press a switch, which activates some red blocks. These red blocks allow him to climb up to the Middle Ring and bypass some enemies. After going past some Zeus Guys and spikes, Yoshi should enter a nearby pipe which takes him to the goal roulette.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くらやみアスレチック
Kurayami asurechikku
Athletics in the darkness
French Que la lumière soit! Let There Be Light!
German Es werde Licht! Let There Be Light!
Italian Percorso nel buio Path in the dark
Spanish ¡Haya luz! Let There Be Light!