World 5 (Yoshi's Island DS)

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World 5
World 5 level select in Yoshi's Island DS.
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Level(s) 10
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World 5 is the final world in Yoshi's Island DS, before Bowser's Castle. It takes place on a wild gloomy island high above Yoshi's Island. As with all worlds in the game, it contains eight normal levels and two secret levels, one unlocked for beating the game and another for getting 800 points in the world:

The boss at the end of world 5-4 is Moltz the Very Goonie. In the final level, world 5-8, Baby Wario and Baby Bowser rejoin the group as they head into Bowser's Castle. However, at the end, Baby Bowser betrays Yoshi and fights the player, but is defeated. After that, Bowser, in his normal form, shows up and attacks as well. After he is defeated, Kamek uses his magic to enlarge him, much like he did to Baby Bowser in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. In this final battle, the enormous Bowser is in the distance and the player controls four Yoshis at once, carrying Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, and Baby Wario and must throw giant eggs at Bowser to defeat him. This is also much as the final boss of the original Yoshi's Island.

Level info[edit]

Code Image and name Icon Playable Yoshi Description
5-1 Yoshi's Island DS level, Rompin', Stompin' Chomps.
Rompin', Stompin' Chomps
Icon YIDS - Rompin' Stompin' Chomps.png Green Yoshi YIDS.png
This level takes place on a valley infested with stomping Chomps and other Chomps. The first part of the level is auto-scrolling.
5-2 Goonie Heights.png
Goonie Heights
Icon YIDS - Goonie Heights.png A sprite of a Pink Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This level takes place on the cliff with plenty of Goonies. Yoshi must ride the Goonies to progress through the level easier.
5-3 Yoshi passing through the Middle Ring in Spear Guys' Village Found!.
Spear Guys' Village Found!
Icon YIDS - Spear Guys' Village Found!.png A sprite of a Light Blue Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
Light Blue
This level is in the Spear Guy's village. It has a lot of Spear Guys and is jungle themed.
5-4 The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie.png
The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie
Icon YIDS - The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie.png A sprite of a Yellow Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This fort level takes place in a fortress in the sky. Moltz the Very Goonie is the boss.
5-5 The Cave That Never Ends.png
The Cave That Never Ends
Icon YIDS - The Cave That Never Ends.png A sprite of a Purple Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This level takes place in a cave filled with lava. The whole level auto-scrolls and is pretty long.
5-6 Find the Number Ball!.png
Find the Number Ball!
Icon YIDS - Find the Number Ball!.png A sprite of an Orange Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This level is inside a volcanic lava cavern. Yoshi must find the number balls to exit.
5-7 Superhard Acrobatics.png
Superhard Acrobatics!
Icon YIDS - Superhard Acrobatics.png A sprite of a Red Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This level takes place high up in the sky. Yoshi must use his platforming skills and Flutter Jump ability to progress.
5-8 At Last, Bowser's Castle!
At Last, Bowser's Castle!
Icon YIDS - At Last Bowser's Castle!.png Green Yoshi YIDS.png
This level takes place in Bowser's Castle in the sky. The final boss is Bowser.
Secret 5 Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs.png
Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs
Icon YIDS - Secret5.png A sprite of a Black Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
This level has Yoshi endure a set of very hard trials in castle areas.
Extra 5 Quit it Already, Tap-Tap!.png
Quit it Already, Tap-Tap!
Icon YIDS - Extra5.png A sprite of a White Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS.
The final level in the game, the level begins with two Super Big Tap-Tap chases, followed by a Mole Tank section with many Tap-Taps, and ends in a Mine Cart chase with another Super Big Tap-Tap.
Slot Slot Machine in Yoshi's Island DS.
Slot Machine
Icon YIDS - Slot.png Random Players can win a certain amount of 1-Ups, depending on what they land on. If players do not have any of the possibilities below, they will get nothing and return to the map.