Gilbert the Gooey

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Gilbert the Gooey
Gilbert the Gooey in the game Yoshi's Island DS.
Species Gooey Goon
First appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
“The other babies are having a great time in the castle. But they could use another playmate. Why don't you give me that baby, too?”
Kamek, Yoshi's Island DS

Gilbert the Gooey is the main boss of World 1 of Yoshi's Island DS. He is a regular Gooey Goon that Kamek enlarges with his magic; twenty colorful spheres surround his body. To defeat him, Blue Yoshi must destroy all the spheres by eating them or knocking them off with eggs. Gilbert's only attacks are swinging from side to side and moving up and down quickly. When defeated, he turns red and enlarges while fading away.

Although unavailable initially, Yoshi with Baby DK can easily defeat him, since eggs thrown explode on contact.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグブツブツくん
Biggu Butsubutsu-kun
Big Gooey Goon

French Gilbert le Gluant
Gilbert the Gooey
German Gilbert Glockenpocke
"Glockenpocke" is a compound of "glocken" (bells) and "pocke" (pimple)
Italian Gommardo
From "gomma" (rubber) with the pejorative suffix "-ardo"
Korean 거대덕지덕지군
Geodae Deokjideokji-gun
Big Gooey Goon

Spanish Gran Gooey
Big Gooey