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The Baby Mario Coin artwork as it appears in Yoshi's Island DS

Character coins,[1] also called baby coins,[2] are coins that the Yoshis can collect in Yoshi's Island DS. A Yoshi can collect a character coin only with the baby on the Yoshi's back that is seen on the coin. Collecting all eight character coins in a world (or all seven in the case of World 5) unlocks a minigame in the game's Hard Mode. The 39 character coins in the game are evenly distributed as Baby Mario Coins,[3] Baby Peach Coins,[3] and Baby DK Coins.[3]

Baby Mario Coins[edit]

A Baby Mario Coin in the level Six-Face Sal's Fort

Baby Peach Coins[edit]

Baby DK Coins[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャラクターコイン
Kyarakutā Koin
Character Coin
Danish Personmønt Person coin
Finnish Hahmokolikko Character coin
Italian Moneta personaggio[4] Character coin
Swedish Figurmynt Character coin



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