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Advance Coins[1] are special coins that appear exclusively in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. They appear only in the new World-e levels. They are similar to Ace Coins in appearance, except that they are yellow.

Levels have anywhere from one to five Advance Coins in them. If Mario or Luigi collects all the Advance Coins in a level, he will earn an extra life, similar to a Dragon Coin. There are 147 Advance Coins in total.

If the player accumulates enough Advance Coins, they can enter any of three special World-e Toad Houses, where they can play a special minigame. The player must collect 30 Advance Coins for Digging Minigame, 50 for Ball Throwing Minigame, and 80 for Balloon Fight Minigame. However, because a limited number of levels were released outside of Japan, non-Japanese gamers will only be able to collect 49 Advance Coins and will therefore be unable to gather enough Advance Coins needed to enter the final two of the Toad Houses, except in the Virtual Console versions of the game released on Wii U where all the World-e levels are available by default in all regions.


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