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"Sky World" redirects here. For information about the Kid Icarus stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, see Skyworld.
Not to be confused with Sky Island.
Sky Land
Sky Land
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest appearance Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition (2010)
Greater location Mushroom World
Ruler Unnamed king (games);
Emperor Ed (cartoons)
Inhabitants Para-Beetles, Fire Chomps

Sky Land[1][2] (alternatively The Sky,[3] Cloud Castle,[4] or Sky World[5]) is the fifth world in Super Mario Bros. 3. Sky Land has nine levels, three Hammer Brothers, two fortresses, three Toad Houses, three Spade Panels, a special tower level, and a castle that has been taken over by an airship. There are two parts to the world, "The Ground" and "The Sky," connected by the tower level. The first three levels, the first fortress, the first Toad House, one Spade Panel, and two of the Hammer Brothers are on the ground, while everything else is in the sky. The world's airship can move between the two.

The king of Sky Land is an older man, wearing a crown, and with long white hair, and a long white beard. During the events of the game, the Koopaling Roy Koopa turns him into a vulture; the SNES and Game Boy Advance versions of Super Mario Bros. 3 see him get turned into an Albatoss.

The Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 map shows that the ground area of Sky Land was located to the east of Giant Land and south of Dark Land. The ground map on the NES and SNES versions has a different layout when seen on the map on "The Sky"; there are more turns in the path in the actual game, and it shows a path Mario cannot take going north from the Tower. This was fixed in the GBA version. The map icon for the fortress in the sky portion is also colored blue, which occurs only in this world.

A sped-up version of Sky Land's music is reused as part of Princess Peach's Final Smash in the Super Smash Bros. series, Peach Blossom.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Summary
World 5-1 SMAS SMB3 World 5-1 Screenshot.png The first level is a large hill made up of stone blocks and Chain Chomps.
World 5-2 SMAS SMB3 World 5-2 Screenshot.png An underground cavern that starts off with the player falling, then moves on to uneven terrain.
World 5-3 SMAS SMB3 World 5-3 Screenshot.png A level split between two ground sections, and introduces the Goomba's Shoe.
World 5-The Fortress map icon. 1 SMAS SMB3 World 5-F1 Screenshot.png The first fortress level of Sky Land has narrow passageways guarded by Thwomps and Roto-discs.
World 5-The map icon for the tower level from Sky Land.Tower SMAS SMB3 World 5-T Screenshot.png A tall tower that serves as a bridge between the land and the sky. If the player wants to return to the ground portion, they can play a short descending segment, but to return to the sky, they will have to go through the tower again.
World 5-4 SMAS SMB3 World 5-4 Screenshot.png The first level that takes place in the sky portion of Sky Land, this level has many cloud platforms and Rotary Lifts.
World 5-5 SMAS SMB3 World 5-5 Screenshot.png A stage made up almost entirely of Donut Lifts.
World 5-6 SMAS SMB3 World 5-6 Screenshot.png An autoscrolling level where the player must use Para-Beetles as platforms to move forward.
World 5-7 SMAS SMB3 World 5-7 Screenshot.png A stage with many bricks and Starmen.
World 5-The Fortress map icon for the sky portion of Sky Land.Fortress 2 SMAS SMB3 World 5-F2 Screenshot.png The second fortress level has several broken platforms situated between lava both below and above.
World 5-8 SMAS SMB3 World 5-8 Screenshot.png A stage with Lakitu attack the player as they jump across small platforms.
World 5-9 SMAS SMB3 World 5-9 Screenshot.png A stage that scrolls upward diagonally automatically with moving platforms and Fire Chomps.
World 5-Airship.gif SMAS SMB3 World 5-A Screenshot.png Roy Koopa's Airship with many cannons and Turtle Cannons.
World 5-A map icon for the Hammer Bro. One of the Hammer Brothers battles in The Sky. Two sets of Hammer Brothers will move around the land portion of the map, with one set of Hammer Brothers moving around in the sky. The arenas are similar between them, with two rows of seven bricks, though the area they are fought in differs by location. One of the Hammer Brother pairs on land will reward the player with a Magic Wing upon being defeated, while the other will drop a Starman. The Hammer Brothers in the sky will leave behind a Music Box. If the player meets the prerequisites for the Treasure Ship, a Hammer Brother will turn into the ship.
One of the Hammer Brothers battles in The Sky.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Sky Land in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Sky Land appeared in several episodes of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. The ground portion of Sky Land never made an appearance; Sky Land was implied to exist directly above the Mushroom Kingdom itself, and is connected to the mainland by a stairway made out of floating blocks. Sky Land is ruled by Emperor Ed.

Reign Storm: One of the problems that Mario and Luigi face while trying to run the Mushroom Kingdom during Princess Toadstool's absence is that the stairway to Sky Land is floating off and dropping people in the garbage dump.

A Toadally Magical Adventure: While unstated, the Ace Magic Wand Factory seems to be based in Sky Land. Bowser and several Koopalings have their sights set on obtaining a special wand that is being delivered to the Wizard King of the West; having spotted the Koopas, the Wizard King of the West alerts the Mario Bros. and requests for them to prevent the wand from being stolen.

Up, Up, and a Koopa: After abducting Emperor Ed, Bowser uses Kooky's new Kooper-Dooper Raiser-Upper from onboard the Doom Ship to levitate everything in the Mushroom Kingdom up to Sky Land (sometimes called "Sky World" in this episode) in an attempt to force Princess Toadstool into surrendering her kingdom. However, Bowser overloads the Raiser-Upper causing everything that was being levitated to fall back down to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the process, Emeperor Ed falls out of the Doom Ship and lands on Toad. He alerts Princess Toadstool as to what's going on, so Mario and Luigi obtain Raccoon Power to bring Emperor Ed back to Sky Land and fly to the Doom Ship. However, they get caught, prompting Princess Toadstool and Toad to fly up to Sky Land using P-Wings. Bowser then decides to take over Sky Land as well by tormenting its people with the Raiser Upper. However, Princess Toadstool and Toad make it to the Doom Ship, where they rescue Mario and Luigi. The group steals the Raiser Upper and use it to not only restore Sky Land and the Mushroom Kingdom back to normal, but to levitate the Doom Ship back to Dark Land.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワールド5 [6][7]
Wārudo5 Sora no Kuni
World 5: Sky Land (alternatively "The Sky"[8] in-game)
French Le ciel
The sky
German Himmelhausen
Land des Himmels
Combination of the word Himmel ("sky") and the German common town name suffix -hausen
Land of Sky
Italian Cielo
Mondo dei Cielo[9]
World of the Sky
Portuguese (NOA) Terra do Céu[10] Land of the Sky
Romanian Cerurile / Înaltul cerurilor (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3)
Țara cerurilor (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3)
The skies / the sky-high. Replace instances of "Sky World".
Land of the skies. Replaces instances of "Sky Land".
Spanish El Cielo The Sky


  • There is a glitch in the original NES version of the game in which the Airship can "hide" in an undetermined area between "The Ground" and "The Sky". This means that, if this happens, the player can be permanently stuck and unable to continue, as they cannot reach the Airship to challenge it. The Airship appears to be in the top left corner of Sky Land's screen, where a miniature version of the ground is visible.[11]


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