World 6-9 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

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World 6-9
SMAS SMB3 World 6-9 Screenshot.png
Level code World 6-9
World Ice Land
Game Super Mario Bros. 3
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 6-9 is the ninth main level and the eleventh level overall of Ice Land in Super Mario Bros. 3.


There are two ways to complete this level. The shortcut can only be done if the player starts off with a Magic Wing or Super Leaf/Tanooki Suit and flies to the top of the Ice Block structure on the right. At the top, the player will find a Koopa Troopa, two White Blocks, and a Brick Block containing a 1-Up Mushroom. If the player continues to the right, they will find the goal.

If the player does not have the item needed to fly, they will have to enter the Warp Pipe, which leads to a flooded underground cavern. The cavern is separated into two segments, both segments having an upper path with Munchers and a bottom path with underwater enemies. Both of the upper paths contain a Jump Block with a power-up in it, though the first underwater segment contains a Warp Pipe at the end that the player can only enter with a Frog Suit or as Small Mario.[1] Through the Warp Pipe is a secret area with coins and a large ? Block with three 1-Up Mushrooms. In the upper area of the second segment, there is a high Brick Block with a Switch Block that will transform all of the Munchers into coins. The final Warp Pipe at the end above the pipe with the Venus Fire Trap in it will take the player to the goal.


Name Count
A red Koopa Troopa in SMB3
Red Koopa Troopa
A Green Cheep Cheep from Super Mario Bros. 3
3 (green)
A Bloober with kids from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Bloober with kids
A Bloober baby from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Blooper Baby
Red Piranha Plant, from Super Mario Bros. 3 Green Piranha Plant, from Super Mario Bros. 3
Piranha Plant
1 (red)
2 (green)
Boss Bass and Big Bertha as they appear in Super Mario Bros. 3
Big Bertha
Baby Cheep found in Super Mario Bros. 3
Baby Cheep
Venus Fire Trap
Venus Fire Trap
1 (green)

Level statistics[edit]


  • Despite mainly being set in a watery cave, like World 6-6; this level's main area uses the underwater music. The bonus room that can be entered with the Frog Suit does have the underground music in the original NES and Super Mario All-Stars versions of the game, though not in Super Mario Advance 4 as it received a new theme for bonus rooms.
  • The bonus rooms in this level, World 6-10 and World 8-1 are the only ones in the game that do not use the new bonus room tileset in the All-Stars version of the game, instead using the standard cave tileset (though still having the unique bonus room background). This is due to said tileset lacking slopes, which all of these rooms use. This was fixed in Super Mario Advance 4, which added slopes to the bonus room tileset.


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