World 3-4 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

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World 3-4
SMAS SMB3 World 3-4 Screenshot.png
World-Level 3-4
World Water Land
Game Super Mario Bros. 3
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World 3-4 is the fifth overall and fourth normal level of Water Land in the game Super Mario Bros. 3. It can be played after the first World 3-Fortress1-SMB3.png is completed. It does not need to be completed in order to unlock more levels.


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This level starts out spawning Mario on a small, inclined plain with two Goombas approaching him. This slope ends when Mario runs into a Warp Pipe housing a Piranha Plant. Past this Warp Pipe is an extremely small body of water that Mario can hop over with a simple jump. Mario then encounters another Warp Pipe, this time with a Venus Fire Trap residing in it. Next to this pipe is a ? Block that produces a Super Mushroom or a Super Leaf. This ? Block is leaned up against a small cliff that Mario can leap up to. Up here, Mario will encounter another set of Goombas. If Mario slides down the hill and jumps at the bottom of it, he can leap with his momentum across the pond at the foot of the hill. If not, there are two Hidden Blocks that he can jump onto to reach the elevated stretch of land above the pond. A Cheep-Cheep is found in this body of water. The next hill is like the previous one with a sloping incline. Three Green Koopa Troopas walk up the incline towards Mario. At the bottom of the hill there are two ? Blocks floating in the air and a Wood Block on the ground. A Para-Goomba that shoots out Micro-Goombas is found here. There is another ? Block above the Wood Block, and there is another Wood Block on the ground a few steps to the right. In between these Wood Blocks are two Brick Blocks and a red Para-Goomba. The second Brick Block produces a Switch Block that reveals coins. Above these Brick Blocks is an upside-down Warp Pipe that another Venus Fire Trap comes out of. Above the second Wood Block is a ? Block that produces either a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower. There are two more ? Blocks to the right of the second Wood Block, too. Past this area is another slope that leads to a platform of six Brick Blocks. The second block produces a 1-Up Mushroom when hit. Once Mario runs past this area with the Brick Blocks, a Lakitu that throws green Spiny Eggs appears. Next is a stretch of land with a few gaps Mario must clear. The first gap is long and requires more of a running start than the next ones. After the fourth gap is cleared, two more ? Blocks can be found. The second one produces either a Super Mushroom or a Super Leaf. Past these ? Blocks is another incline that slopes down which leads to the level's goal.


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