World 8-2 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

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World 8-2
SMAS SMB3 World 8-2 Screenshot.png
Level code World 8-2
World Dark Land
Game Super Mario Bros. 3
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 8-2 is the second main level, and the eighth level overall, of Dark Land in Super Mario Bros. 3. It becomes accessible after the player clears World 8-1 and its own completion opens World 8-Fortress. The level background was originally black entirely like World 8-1, but in remakes, it was given a darker version of the Grass Land sky level background. This level also reintroduces the Angry Sun from World 2-Desert.


The player starts at the end of a dirt plain with several hills. If the player continues right, they will come across a Para-Goomba that drops Micro-Goombas, followed by six pipes, each with Venus Fire Traps in them. Above one of the pipes is a Brick Block containing a Switch Block, which will turn the coins ahead into platforms. After passing the pipes, the Angry Sun will appear from behind the hill and continue to attack the player throughout the level. Around this point is a large chasm with Jump Blocks and the aforementioned coins above them. After the chasm is are three pipes on an upward slope with a Piranha Plant and more Venus Fire Traps. At the bottom of the other side of the hill is another chasm with two Jump Blocks and a Koopa Paratroopa, followed by the goal.

Two secret areas can be found in this level. If the player lets the first sandfall take them down, they will be brought into a chamber with two Warp Pipes. The Warp Pipe on the left will take the player to a staircase-arranged room with a power-up in a Brick Block, and the pipe on the right will take the player to a room with 100 coins (though a flight power-up is needed to grab them all). Exiting through the next pipe in either room will take the player to the center of the second large hill halfway through the level, past the first chasm. By taking this secret route, the Angry Sun will not come out.


Name Count
Brown Para-Goomba
Micro-Goomba as it appears in Super Mario Bros. 3
(infinitely spawned by Para-Goombas)
Venus Fire Trap
Venus Fire Trap
9 (red)
Angry Sun
Angry Sun
A Koopa Paratroopa from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Green Koopa Paratroopa

Level statistics[edit]