World 4-2 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

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World 4-2
SMAS SMB3 World 4-2 Screenshot.png
Level code World 4-2
World Giant Land
Game Super Mario Bros. 3
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 4-2 is the second level of Giant Land in Super Mario Bros. 3. The level becomes accessible once the player clears World 4-1 and its own completion unlocks World 4-3.


The platforms in this level are continuously moving up and down, and a Cheep-Cheep flies out of the water below. The player also encounters several other enemies like Piranhacus Giganticuses and Giant Koopas. To collect the power-up in the Mega ? Block, the player must kick a White Block into it. After two giant pipes and a bridge, if the player is powered-up, they can break the Brick Block underneath the ? Block to get a Starman, otherwise they will have to use a Switch Block nearby. In the same area, several Cheep-Cheeps will begin jumping out of the water to attack the player. Entering the Warp Pipe at the end takes the player to the goal.

If the player manages to collect 24 coins in the level, a White Mushroom House with an Anchor will appear on the map.


Name Count
3 (red)
A Red Giant Koopa Troopa as it appears in Super Mario Bros. 3
Red Giant Koopa
A red Piranhacus Giganticus as it appears in Super Mario Bros. 3
Piranhacus Giganticus
3 (red)
Venus Fire Trap
Venus Fire Trap
2 (red)

Level statistics[edit]