World 7-7 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

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World 7-7
World 7-7 of Super Mario Bros. 3 in Super Mario All-Stars.
Level code World 7-7
World Pipe Land
Game Super Mario Bros. 3
Time limit 200 seconds
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World 7-7 is the seventh main level and the ninth level overall of Pipe Land in Super Mario Bros. 3. The level becomes accessible upon completing World 7-6 and its own completion unlocks World 7-9.


In the starting area, the player is presented with a single Warp Pipe. Going through the Warp Pipe will lead to a long area made up of many pipes lined with Munchers. To cross them all, the player has to collect a chain of Starmen as they run across. The first Starman is placed just before the Munchers, but the second Starman is in a ? Block that is placed one block above the Munchers, meaning the player has to crouch and slide while running if they are powered-up with a Super Mushroom or higher. After the third Starman are three sets of pipes that the player has to jump over. After the third pipes is a pillar of blocks with a ? Block behind it the player needs to quickly collect in order to avoid taking damage. The next pipe afterward is hanging low, so the player needs to crouch and slide to move past it. Afterward is one more pipe the player needs to jump over before the Warp Pipe leading to the goal area.

The level has a ceiling, and the pipe that the player has to crouch and slide under extends all the way up to the ceiling, thus preventing players from using a Magic Wing to clear the stage without having to deal with the Munchers.


Level statistics[edit]