Sky Island

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Sky Island
Location Sky Land 
How to unlock Complete the One-on, One-putt challenge 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 54 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: World Tour

Sky Island is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour that takes place high in the air. As such, Para-Beetles and Jumbo Rays can be seen flying around the area, however, they do not serve as obstacles. This course is unlocked by completing the nine-hole One-On, One-Putt Challenge in the Castle Club. All holes are par 3 and have one tee box each. This course is par 54, like Congo Canopy, Golf Guru's Pitch and Putt and Elf's Short Course. Its music is a cover of the athletic theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Doing the One-On, One-Putt Challenge again and clearing all 18 holes will grant the player a Propeller Mario costume. The reward for succeeding in all Star Coin challenges for this course is a Diddy Kong costume.


Hole Image Par Length Description
1 SkyIsland1.jpg 3 59 yards

54 meters

A hole with a green that slopes to the left.
2 SkyIsland2.jpg 3 89 yards

81 meters

A hole with a single bunker.
3 SkyIsland3.jpg 3 122 yards

112 meters

A hole that has two bunkers.
4 SkyIsland4.jpg 3 95 yards

87 meters

A hole that curves to the right on the right of the hole.
5 SkyIsland5.jpg 3 77 yards

70 meters

A hole with a round Island that has an uneven green.
6 SkyIsland.jpg 3 108 yards

99 meters

A hole with a large bunker behind the green.
7 SkyIsland7.jpg 3 171 yards

156 meters

The longest hole in Sky Island with a bunker to the left of the green.
8 SkyIsland8.jpg 3 119 yards

109 meters

A hole with a curved green.
9 SkyIsland9.jpg 3 74 yards

68 meters

A hole with two bunkers in front of and behind the green.
10 SkyIsland10.jpg 3 151 yards

138 meters

A hole that's green is lower than the tee with a slight curve on the green.
11 SkyIsland11.jpg 3 131 yards

120 meters

A hole with a green that slopes to the right at the left of the hole.
12 SkyIsland12.jpg 3 157 yards

144 meters

A hole that has two bunkers and a right-sloping green.
13 SkyIsland13.jpg 3 69 yards

63 meters

A hole with a flat green near the hole, otherwise sloping to the right.
14 SkyIsland14.jpg 3 133 yards

122 meters

A hole with a large and a small bunker behind the green.
15 SkyIsland15.jpg 3 111 yards

101 meters

A hole with a hill behind the green.
16 SkyIsland16.jpg 3 156 yards

143 meters

A hole with a bunker behind an almost flat green.
17 SkyIsland17.jpg 3 89 yards

81 meters

A hole surrounded by a large bunker.
18 SkyIsland18.jpg 3 131 yards

120 meters

A hole with small hills before and after the hole on the green.