Sparkling Waters (golf course)

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Sparkling Waters
Hole 7 of Sparkling Waters in Mario Golf: World Tour
Location Sparkling Waters
How to unlock Flower Pack or Season Pass DLC
Number of holes 18
Par 72
Appears in Mario Golf: World Tour

Sparkling Waters is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. It is a course based on Yoshi's Island from Mario Golf, with a remade appearance based on Sparkling Waters from New Super Mario Bros. U. Many Urchins and Big Urchins may also be seen in the background. It must be bought in the Flower Pack, which comes with Nabbit and Layer-Cake Desert. Bunkers, Water Hazards and Palm Trees appear as obstacles in the course. It is located in a tropical wetland, and the course layout is overall similar to Blooper Bay and the Seaside Course. Sparkling Waters is also an eighteen hole Par 72 golf course.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 345 yards 380 yards 416 yards A hole with some hills and lots of sand covering the area.
2 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 397 yards 422 yards 449 yards A hole with many bunkers and Palm Trees that goes uphill towards the green.
3 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 3 171 yards 184 yards 202 yards A short hole with a bunker situated in front of the green which is on an Island.
4 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 5 470 yards 504 yards 539 yards A long hole with some bunkers that goes uphill.
5 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 391 yards 415 yards 441 yards A hole that has rocks to the side of the Fairway and many bunkers.
6 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 3 160 yards 176 yards 196 yards A short hole with five bunkers surrounding the green.
7 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 5 548 yards 592 yards 617 yards A long hole that takes place on multiple Islands with various bunkers.
8 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 415 yards 433 yards 451 yards A hole with a very step drop in the middle of the Fairway which owns a large bunker at the bottom. Five bunkers surround the green.
9 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 365 yards 390 yards 418 yards A hole that takes place on multiple Islands and has some bunkers.
10 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 369 yards 397 yards 431 yards A hole with two hills and some bunkers.
11 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 5 516 yards 558 yards 600 yards A long hole curves around pairs of bunkers to get to the green.
12 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 3 138 yards 164 yards 217 yards A short hole in which the green is located on a low Island with a bunker near it.
13 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 426 yards 444 yards 463 yards A hole with a rough hill and three bunkers on the Fairway which leads downhill to the green.
14 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 394 yards 424 yards 447 yards A hole with some bunkers and a stream of water running down the middle of the Fairway.
15 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 3 188 yards 198 yards 213 yards A short hole with sand around and in the middle of the green, making the green form a donut shape, similar to a Poké Ball.
16 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 396 yards 417 yards 436 yards A hole with some parts of the fairway on raised giant rock formations.
17 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 4 392 yards 414 yards 435 yards A hole that goes uphill towards the green with three bunkers on the left of the Fairway and two near the green.
18 Sparkling Waters (golf course) 5 526 yards 564 yards 590 yards A long hole with multiple bunkers on a thin Fairway and a river cutting off the green from the Fairway.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Archipiélago de Almíbar
Syrup (canned peaches) Archipelago