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Mario Golf: Advance Tour
The front North American cover for Mario Golf: Advance Tour
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Camelot Software Planning
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release date Game Boy Advance:
Japan April 22, 2004
USA June 22, 2004
Australia July 8, 2004
Europe September 17, 2004
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe August 28, 2014
Australia August 28, 2014
Japan September 10, 2014
USA September 25, 2014
Language(s) Deutsch
English (United States)
Español (España)
Français (France)
Genre Role-playing, Golf
ESRB:ESRB's E rating symbol - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Wii U:
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Game Boy Advance:
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Wii U:
Wiimote Sideways.png Wii Remote (Horizontal)
Game Boy Advance:

Mario Golf: Advance Tour is the fourth installment of the Mario Golf series and the Game Boy Advance counterpart of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for the Nintendo GameCube. It continues the RPG-style of the Mario Golf series. It is advertised as being Role-Playing Golf. The game was re-released on the Wii U's Virtual Console in August/September 2014.

The game is compatible with the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter.



  • A Button - Confirm
  • B Button - Back
  • +Control Pad - Select
  • L Button - Left-Handed Character
  • R Button - Star Character
  • Select Button - Change Clubs (once unlocked)


  • A Button - Confirm
  • B Button - Back
  • +Control Pad - Move
  • Start Button - Menu
  • Select Button - Change Clubs (in Menu Screen)


  • A Button - Start Swing/Choose Power (automatic)
  • B Button - Choose Power (manual)
  • A Button + A Button - Topspin
  • B Button + B Button - Backspin
  • A Button + B Button - Super Topspin
  • B Button + A Button - Super Backspin
  • +Control Pad - Change Direction/Change Clubs
  • R Button - Increase Power Bar
  • L Button - Decrease Power Bar


The game features eight playable Mario characters in all, four of which have to be unlocked. There are also even more exclusive human characters that Camelot made for the game. The two main characters in Mario Golf: Advance Tour can be transferred to the Nintendo GameCube game Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour if the Player uses the GBA to GameCube link cable. Star versions of the Mario characters can be unlocked by beating them in a Character Match, which increases distance but decreases impact. Character stats can also be altered by using Custom Clubs that have been obtained in the Story mode. Character statistics are listed below.
Drive - How far the ball travels in the air for on a perfect shot with a driver (1W).
Trajectory - What direction the ball travels in when hit. For right-handed players, if the ball curves to the left, it's a draw; to the right, a fade; far to the left, a hook or far to the right, a slice, and vice-versa for left-handed players.
Height - How high or low the ball travels in the air. The higher the ball travels, the more affected by wind it is, the higher it bounces, and the more it is affected by spin. The lower it is, the less it gets affected by wind; additionally, it makes the ball bounce further, roll more and get more affected by lie.
Impact - The amount of the sweet-spot marker left for certain shots. Less makes bunker shots much harder to land and often results in mis-hits.
Control - The amount of movement away from the targeted spot when hit off the perfect impact point. The higher the amount, the less the ball moves from the target spot.
Spin - The amount of affect spin has on the ball. Having a higher amount will mean that the ball will roll further with the use of spin.

Player Characters[edit]

The player can select either Neil or Ella as their player character once the game begins. The character not selected with become the players doubles partner. Both characters names can be changed, within a 5 character word limit. Neil and Ella's starting stats can be changed by earning EXP to level up, up to a maximum level of 99. Leveling up will allow the player to increase shot distance, impact, control and spin, as well as straightening, lowering or heightening the trajectory of the shot. Listed below is the starting statistics of both characters.

Neil Ella
Neil MGAT artwork.png Ella MGAT artwork.png
Drive 205 yards Drive 200 yards
Trajectory +2 (Draw) Trajectory ±0 (Straight)
Height -1 Height +3
Impact +4 Impact +5
Control +4 Control +6
Spin -3 Spin 0

Quick Play Characters[edit]

These characters are usable for Quick Play in both single player and multiplayer. Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Waluigi are playable in a handheld console Mario Golf game for the first time after previously being playable in at least one home console installment. The characters originating from outside the Mario Golf series have unlockable Star versions that will dramatically increase shot distance will also lowering Impact. These can be unlocked by beating the character in a Character Match.

Mario Peach Yoshi Donkey Kong
Artwork of Mario in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Artwork of Princess Peach in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Artwork of Yoshi in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Artwork of Donkey Kong in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
Drive 212 yards Drive 203 yards Drive 208 yards Drive 215 yards
Star Drive 280 yards Star Drive 235 yards Star Drive 250 yards Star Drive 285 yards
Trajectory ±0 (Straight) Trajectory ±0 (Straight) Trajectory ±0 (Straight) Trajectory -6 (Fade)
Height +4 Height -1 Height ±0 Height -3
Impact +1 Impact +4 Impact +3 Impact +1
Star Impact -4 Star Impact +1 Star Impact ±0 Star Impact -5
Control -4 Control +3 Control ±0 Control -4
Spin +5 Spin -5 Spin ±0 Spin +2
Putts Joe Grace Sherry
Artwork of Putts from Mario Golf: Advance Tour Joe Artwork of Grace from Mario Golf: Advance Tour. Sherry MGAT artwork.jpg
Drive 215 yards Drive 220 yards Drive 225 yards Drive 230 yards
Trajectory +1 (Draw) Trajectory +3 (Draw) Trajectory ±0 (Straight) Trajectory ±0 (Straight)
Height -3 Height +3 Height -1 Height +2
Impact +3 Impact +2 Impact +1 Impact +2
Control +3 Control +4 Control +1 Control +2
Spin -1 Spin +1 Spin -3 Spin ±0
Unlock Doubles Story Match #1 Unlock Singles Story Match #1 Unlock Doubles Story Match #2 Unlock Singles Story Match #2
Tiny Azalea Gene Yuss Kid
Artwork of Tiny from Mario Golf: Advance Tour Azalea.png Artwork of Gene from Mario Golf: Advance Tour Kid
Drive 260 yards Drive 240 yards Drive 250 yards Drive 270 yards
Trajectory +4 (Draw) Trajectory -2 (Fade) Trajectory -4 (Fade) Trajectory +2 (Draw)
Height +4 Height +1 Height -2 Height ±0
Impact -2 Impact ±0 Impact -1 Impact -3
Control -1 Control ±0 Control -1 Control -2
Spin +4 Spin -2 Spin +2 Spin +3
Unlock Doubles Story Match #3 Unlock Singles Story Match #3 Unlock Doubles Story Match #4 Unlock Singles Story Match #4
Luigi Bowser Waluigi Wario
Artwork of Luigi from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Artwork of Bowser from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Artwork of Waluigi in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour artwork: Wario
Drive 206 yards Drive 217 yards Drive 209 yards Drive 210 yards
Star Drive 240 yards Star Drive 290 yards Star Drive 260 yards Star Drive 265 yards
Trajectory -3 (Fade) Trajectory +6 (Draw) Trajectory +3 (Draw) Trajectory -5 (Fade)
Height -4 Height ±0 Height ±0 Height -6
Impact +3 Impact ±0 Impact +3 Impact +2
Star Impact ±0 Star Impact -5 Star Impact -2 Star Impact -2
Control +2 Control -5 Control -1 Control -2
Spin -3 Spin +6 Spin +2 Spin ±0
Unlock Transfer1a Unlock Transfer2a Unlock Transfer3a Unlock Transfer4a

1 - Gain some experience in Toadstool Tour.
2 - Collect at least 81 Best Badges in Toadstool Tour.
3 - Collect at least 27 Best Badges in Toadstool Tour.
4 - Collect at least 54 Best Badges in Toadstool Tour.
a - Unavailable on the Wii U Virtual Console re-release.

Non-Playable Characters[edit]


Name Image Description Unlock Condition for Quick Play
Marion Course Mario taking a shot at the Marion Course. Used in the Marion Tourney. Unlocked by default
Palms Course Mario taking a shot at the Palms Course. Used in the Palms Tourney. Unlocked by default
Dunes Course Tiny taking a shot at the Dunes course. Used in the Dunes Tourney. Unlocked by default
Links Course Gene taking a shot at the Links course. Used in the Links Tourney. Unlocked by default
Mushroom Course Princess Peach taking a shot at the Mushroom Course. Used in the Mushroom Tourney. Beat the Mushroom Tourney
Elf's Short Course MarioGolfAdvanceTourElf'sShortCourse.png A short, Par 3 only course with 9 greens and tees. Complete Elf's Challenge in story mode. (Unlocks 18 Hole version)
Coo-Coo Course MarioGolfAdvanceTourCooCooCourse.png A run-down Par 5 hole that Grammie challenges the player to beat. Not available in Quick Play

Additionally, Star versions of the tourney courses can be unlocked to play in Quick Play. Each of the star versions of the 18 holes must be unlocked with separate conditions, such as completing a challenge in story mode or linking to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. If a Star hole is not yet unlocked, that hole will be the regular version of the hole.

Score table[edit]

Course # Scores for 1st Place # Scores for 2nd Place # Scores for 3rd Place
Marion Course (S) +3 +4 +5
Palms Course (S) ±0 +1 +2
Dunes Course (S) -3 -2 -1
Links Course (S) -4 -3 -2
Mushroom Course (S) -3 -2 -1
Marion Course (D) +5 +6 +7
Palms Course (D) +4 +5 +6
Dunes Course (D) +3 +4 +5
Links Course (D) +2 +3 +4
Mushroom Course (D) +3 +4 +5

Game modes[edit]

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The story begins with Neil, Ella, Buzz, Helen, arriving at the Marion Clubhouse to improve their golf skills that they've been practicing as pupils of Kid, a champion golfer that got injuried and could no longer play golf. The player plays as either Neil or Ella, with whichever character not chosen becoming the player's doubles partner, and enters golfing tournaments to surpass the greatest golfer, Mario.

Quick Play[edit]

Stroke Play[edit]

A standard round of golf. Settings include changing course, tees, number of holes and green.

Character Match[edit]

Compete against a selected character in Match Play rules.


The player selects another character to be their doubles partner and can select to play Stroke Play, Character Match, 4 Slots, 3 Slots and Skins Match.

Speed Golf[edit]

The player must play a set of holes as fast as possible.

Club Slots[edit]

Using point tourney rules, the player plays on a course that they select but are limited to the clubs that they obtain by spinning a slot machine. Clubs are reset and the slot machine is spun each hole.

Go-Go Gates[edit]

On a select few courses, the player must hit the ball through rings and complete the hole in a par or better.

Near Pin[edit]

Only Elf's Short Course is selectable. Players are scored based on how close they are to the pin.


The player can select on hole from any course to practice on. Wind speed and pin position can be changed.

Star Tournament[edit]

A tournament played on the star versions of the story mode courses.

Doubles Star Tournament[edit]

The same as Star Tournament, but played in doubles.


Players can choose to play Stroke Play, Match Play, Doubles, Skins Match, Club Slots, Go-Go Gates and Near-Pin with one Game Boy Advance system or with mutiple Game Boy Advances connected by Game Link Cables.


Under the Story and Quick Game submenus, the player can see all of their records across all the game modes played. In the Highlights submenu, the most recent five Birdies, Eagles, Hole in Ones and Albatrosses can be rewatched, and the player can choose to lock any of them to prevent them from being overwritten.


Taunt & Support Editor[edit]

Here, all the eight taunts from the player character chosen in the Story mode can be customized and be used in other modes.

Exchange Clubs[edit]

By connecting a Game Link cable with a friend, one can exchange golf clubs with the other.


Turns the music on or off, there is no toggle to turn on or off the sound effects however.

Data Backup[edit]

Erases all the backup data of the game.


All the terms golf beginners would like to know is stored here to read, Helen presents each one of them.


LuigiMGAT intro.pngWarioMGAT intro.pngBowserMGAT intro.pngWaluigiMGAT intro.png
The unlockable characters as seen in the intro.

Throughout the game, several collectibles appear as items that the player may find in the map. They include 1-Up Mushrooms, Drinks, and Custom Tickets.


1-Ups increase the players level by 1. They can be found in various places.


Bottles can be found in various places on the map. They increase distance by 3, 4, or 5 yards, depending on the drink. There are Muscle Drinks, Hyper Bottles, and Super Bottles.

Custom Tickets[edit]

Custom Tickets are used to order clubs from the Club Maker. Different Tickets give different Clubs that the Club Maker can make.

Custom Clubs[edit]

Custom Clubs can be made using Custom Tickets at the Club Makers Shop. These will alter the characters stats.


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Game Boy Advance Craig Harris, IGN 9.5/10 "Video golf might not be everyone's cup of tea, but no one can deny the amount of effort that went into the creation of Camelot's latest Game Boy Advance game. From its single player elements to its GameCube connectivity, to its Wireless Adapter support, it's impossible to list every single one of the elements that make Mario Golf: Advance Tour such an amazing GBA title; everything that made Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, sans the 3D graphics, good has been improved upon for the portable rendition. The GBA game is far more realized a golfing design than its console brother, offering an immense amount of challenge in its wonderfully constructed gameplay. Its mechanics are easy to grasp for those just looking for plug-and-play action, as well as incredibly deep for those who want a lot more control in their virtual swing."
Game Boy Advance Ryan Davis, GameSpot 8.2/10 "Mario Golf: Advance Tour makes good on the legacy of Mario Golf games that have preceded it. The gameplay is easy to pick up, but it has enough depth and diversity to stay interesting, and there's a nice variety of both realistic and fantasy-themed courses to play on. Players who take their golf seriously may be put off by some of the game's outlandish obstacles and its playful aesthetic, but if these characteristics don't bother you, you'll be treated to the most accomplished game of golf to hit the Game Boy Advance."
Game Boy Advance Tom Bramwell, Eurogamer 8/10 "With Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Camelot proves it has that shrewd appreciation of what keeps people coming back to the likes of Toadstool Tour, Tiger Woods and the console Links - and also like those games it renders the sport with a degree of artistic licence. The result is a game that you can pick up and play, but won't necessarily be able to turn off and put down for several hours if you do, and the only drawbacks are that it sometimes looks a bit ropey, it doesn't quite manage to pull off the RPG idea completely, and the lack of a proper putting game detracts a little bit from the final few feet of every hole. But, in all honesty, if our SP's battery hadn't run down last night and the power cable hadn't proved elusive, we might have sat up in bed playing it until we had piranha plants burnt into our retinas. As it is, we're up at dawn to try and convince you to buy it. Well, if you want portable golf, just do. Ho-kay?"
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 84
GameRankings 85.41%


Main article: List of Mario Golf: Advance Tour staff

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

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Beta Castle

An earlier build features a different layout for the Marion Clubhouse than in the released game.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオゴルフ GBAツアー
Mario gorufu GBA tsuā
Mario Golf: GBA Tour


"Albatross" misspelled in Mario Golf: Advance Tour
"Albatross" misspelled
  • When the player prepares to putt for an albatross, the "Albatross Putt" text spells "albatross" as "albatoross".
  • The BGMs played during the chance for getting a Par (or higher) and Bogey (or lower) are swapped compared when they are played in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
  • Wario and Waluigi's voices are played incorrectly when selecting them in the character menu. Wario uses Waluigi's voice and vice-versa.[1]
  • Peach, Wario, and Waluigi all strike poses from a certain frame shot of their losing animations from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour as their selection image. Peach and Wario use a frame from their bogey animations, and Waluigi uses his double bogey's (and lower).


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