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The title screen of Mario Bowl

Mario Bowl (Japanese: マリオボウル, Mario Bōru) is a Japan-exclusive, Mario-themed scorekeeping software for bowling alleys made by Brunswick based on Super Mario World. As an automatic scorer, it keeps track of scores for up to 6 players, each being assigned a character based on their turn order (from first to sixth, respectively: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser and Toad).[1][2]

During a game, the software can cycle through three different backgrounds, with a Yoshi's Island 4-inspired stage being the default one. If a player's ball falls in the gutter twice in a row, the background changes into a lava stage and if a player makes two spares or strikes in a row, the background changes into a castle stage.[3] The upper part of the screen shows all six characters walking in line, with their order representing the current ranking of their respective players. A spare is accompanied by artwork of Mario snapping his fingers while saying "Nice!" and Yoshi drawing a diagonal line across the screen. A strike is accompanied by artwork of Mario commemorating as his ball knocks over several bowling pins. In the end of a game, a final ranking screen would show the top three characters on a podium.[1]