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Super Mario Party Jamboree
American box art for Super Mario Party Jamboree
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan October 17, 2024[1]
USA October 17, 2024[2]
Europe October 17, 2024[3]
Australia October 17, 2024[4]
South Korea October 17, 2024[5]
HK October 17, 2024[6]
ROC October 17, 2024[7]
Language(s) English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
French (France)
French (Canada)
Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Latin America)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Genre Party
ESRB:E - Everyone
PEGI:3 - Three years and older
CERO:A - All ages
GRAC:All - All ages
Mode(s) Single-player
Local and online multiplayer
Nintendo Switch:
Game Card
Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

Super Mario Party Jamboree is an upcoming game in the Mario Party series set to be released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on October 17, 2024. First announced during the Nintendo Direct on June 18, 2024, it is the eighteenth installment in the Mario Party series, the thirteenth released on a home console, and the third released for the Nintendo Switch. Serving as a successor to Super Mario Party, albeit with gameplay mostly modeled after Mario Party Superstars, the game features both new and returning boards, in addition to over 110 minigames, and an expansive roster of playable characters, including newcomers such as Ninji.[2]



Most of the playable cast in Super Mario Party Jamboree
The game's playable cast, except for Ninji

Super Mario Party Jamboree features at least 21 playable characters, the largest number out of any game in the Mario Party series. In addition to the return of all characters from Mario Party Superstars and most from Super Mario Party (excluding Diddy Kong, Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, and Pom Pom), this game marks the first playable appearance in the series of Toad and Toadette since Mario Party: Star Rush and Spike since Mario Party 10. In addition, Ninji makes its debut as a playable character in the series.

1 - Bowser also appears in a non-playable capacity.

Non-playable characters



The game features seven total boards. Five of the boards are new to this game, while the other two are returning boards from previous titles. All the boards are depicted as being located on one island together, including the returning boards Mario's Rainbow Castle and Western Land.

New boards

Returning boards




There are over 110 minigames set to appear, the highest amount of minigames in a Mario Party title to date. Motion-controlled minigames return, requiring a Joy-Con, and are not available when playing online. However, button-controlled minigames can still be played using a Pro Controller or while using a Nintendo Switch Lite.[9] The confirmed minigames are listed below.[2]


  • A minigame where players must traverse an obstacle course consisting of Amps, mechanical Boos, and mechanical Chain Chomps
  • A racing minigame where players ride Yoshis
  • A minigame where players must hammer nails on a wooden plank
  • A minigame where players must roll a golf ball into a hole by tilting the ground

Available in Koopathlon

  • A minigame where the player drives a car down a futuristic lane and must collect coins, resembling Rapid River Race
  • A minigame where the player must drop a Yoshi plush toy and various blocks by pushing them with a mechanical finger
  • A minigame where players must run away from Giant Bowser while avoiding lava and cannonballs

2 vs. 2

  • An arm-wrestling minigame where players mash buttons to strengthen their mechanical arm

1 vs. 3

  • A minigame where three players must dodge the solo player riding a mechanical Banzai Bill toward them


  • A minigame where players must chop giant potatoes and eggplants[10]


  • A minigame where players fire cannonballs at Giant Bowser


  • A minigame where two winged players must carry a third character on a platform to an island





Box art

References to other games

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー マリオパーティ ジャンボリー[1]
Sūpā Mario Pāti Janborī
Super Mario Party Jamboree

Chinese (traditional) 超級瑪利歐派對 空前盛會
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Pàiduì Kōngqián Shènghuì
Super Mario Party Unprecedented Grand Event

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