Bowser Phone

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Bowser Phone
“...Hello? Yeah, this is Bowser. Who are you???”
Bowser, Mario Party 3

The Bowser Phone is an item found in the game Mario Party 3. Players can use it anywhere to call Bowser. When he asks who is calling, the player chooses one of the opponents (or themselves) to have Bowser make them do one of his events, as if they landed on a Bowser Space. Selecting "Who do you think?" will result in Bowser choosing a random player. Bowser Phones are sold in Koopa Kid's Item Shops.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパでんわ
Kuppa Denwa
Koopa Phone
French TEL. BOWSER Bowser Telephone
German Bowser-Handy Bowser cell phone


  • Upon selecting an option, Bowser says, "I'll be right there, so don't go anywhere!", but actually, the player goes to meet Bowser at the same castle location as the Bowser Space.