Evil Woody

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Evil Woody
Evil Woody in Mario Party Superstars
The Evil Woody in Mario Party Superstars
Species Tree
First appearance Mario Party 3 (2000)
Latest appearance Tetris 99 (27th Maximus Cup, cameo) (2021)
“Bwaha! Just for bothering me, I'm going to drop a nasty surprise on everyone!”
Evil Woody, Mario Party 6

The Evil Woody[1] is Woody's counterpart who debuts in Mario Party 3 in Woody Woods. Contrasting with Woody's perpetually happy expression and kind-hearted attitude, the Evil Woody has a perpetually angry expression and a hostile attitude. The Evil Woody's color palette is also an inversion of Woody's color palette. If a player lands on one of the three ? Spaces surrounding him, he will award them a Minus Coin Fruit (resulting in a loss of five coins) or a Reverse Block Fruit allowing the player to roll again but go in reverse. If the player does not choose either fruit, the Evil Woody will always give them a Reverse Block Fruit.

The Evil Woody appears in Mario Party 6 on the board Towering Treetop. He appears at night to replace Woody at the top of the board. Whenever a character lands on one of the Evil Woody's Event Spaces, instead of him giving coins as Woody does, the Evil Woody instead takes away coins by dropping Spinies on every character.

The Evil Woody reappears in the returning board Woody Woods in Mario Party Superstars. In addition to reprising his role from Mario Party 3, he also appears at the end of a game to drop large purple fruit onto the losing players in order from last to second. This time around, the Minus Coin Fruit takes away a random number of coins ranging from 1 to 15, and if the player does not choose either of his fruits, the Evil Woody will make them suffer the effects of both fruits. Also, the victim adopts a depressed expression on their face whenever they roll the Evil Woody's Dice Block, and instead of the victim going in reverse on their own, a swarm of Swoops appears, dragging the victim backwards before dropping them on the ground.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワルキオ[2]
From「わるい」(warui, bad) and「キノキオ」(Kinokio, Woody)

Chinese (simplified) 可疑的树
Kěyí de Shù
Suspicious Tree


  • The structure of the Evil Woody's Japanese name is intentionally like that of Wario and Waluigi, being a portmanteau of the Japanese word warui (わるい), meaning "bad," and the name of their good counterpart.
    • Internal game files for the English Mario Party Superstars show him being referred to as "tree bad" by the developers, which is the literal translation of his Japanese name.[3]


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