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The Option House in Mario Party

The Option House is a place in Mario Party. It is the place to change the settings, delete the data of the game, and play with various objects bought from the Mushroom Shop, such as the Talking Parrot. It seems to be home to Fun Gus, one of the few Toads with a darker skin color. The player can toggle between Stereo and Mono for sound settings, and deleting game data is done by pulling an in-game switch. It, along with Fun Gus, is replaced by Professor Fungi and the Options Lab in Mario Party 2.

The Option House in Mario Party Superstars
The Option House in Mario Party Superstars

The Option House returns in Mario Party Superstars, where it is run by a Shy Guy. Inside the Option House, there are some vines and gears, and there is a screen in the middle. The adjustable options are as follows:

  • Sticker Settings: Allows the player to view their sticker collection and choose whether or not stickers from random players online are visible or not.
  • Delete Progress Data: Deletes progress for a suspended board game.
  • Adjust Background Music: Allows the player to toggle music settings for boards. As long as a board has been played on at least once (even if the round is not finished), its background music can be set to either "Modern" (the remastered version from Mario Party Superstars) or "Classic" (the original version from the board's debut game).
  • Text Speed: Sets text speed to either "Fast", "Normal", or "Slow".
  • CPU Movement Speed: Sets the movement speed of computer-controlled players to either "Fast" or "Normal".

The music that plays upon entering the Option House is an arrangement of the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Maison des Options
Options House
Italian Casa delle Opzioni[1]
Casa delle opzioni (Mario Party Superstars)
Options House
Spanish (NOA) Casa de las opciones
House of options