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This article is about the Mushroom Bank in Mario Party. For the Mushroom Bank merchandise, see Mushroom Bank (merchandise).
The Mushroom Bank
Inside the Mushroom Bank

The Mushroom Bank is a building in Mario Party where players can store their coins as well as stars and items. The bank is run by two rather chubby Toads who are similar in every way except that one has yellow stars on his head in place of the usual dots, while the other has orange stars within yellow circles.

The Toad behind the left counter is in charge of storing the items the player buys at the Mushroom Shop until they are used during a game. Here is also where the player can choose how they want to save their coins, whether with the Coin Box, Lucky Box, or Casino Box.

The Toad behind the right counter will tell the player how many total coins and stars the player has in the bank. He will also say how many more stars need to be collected, out of 100, in order to unlock the Eternal Star map.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Banque Champignon
Mushroom Bank
Italian Banca di Mushroom[1]
Banca Mushroom[2]
Mushroom Bank