Mini-Game Stadium

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Mini-Game Stadium
Mario Party
The Mini-Game Stadium interior in Mario Party 2

The Mini-Game Stadium is a game mode in Mario Party and Mario Party 2. As this is not a party mode board, games cannot be saved.

In Mario Party, it is inside the Pot O'Skills within the Mini-Game House. Players take turns moving around the board with 29 spaces, but unlike regular boards, there are no Stars, with winners and losers determined by the number of coins they have collected by the end of the game. The board is yellow with a picture of Mario's face at the center. It is star-shaped with only blue spaces along the sides and red spaces at the tips. The stadium itself is an open-air, concrete octagonal structure with a single deck filled with various Super Mario characters as fans. The grounds surrounding the board have grass turf and statues of the six playable characters and Toad. A couple of Toads and Koopa Troopa look on from the sidelines as well. During gameplay, the players take turns hitting the Dice Block, moving around the board in a clockwise direction and landing on the spaces. However, landing on a Blue Space or Red Space does not result in the gaining or loss of coins; it simply acts as a determinant for the teams in the following minigame. When players pass the start at the top of the board, Koopa Troopa will give them a 10 coins.

Mario Party 2

In Mario Party 2, it appears as an unlockable in Mini-Game Land. It is unlocked by buying at least five 4-Player mini-games and at least three 2-vs-2 and 1-vs-3 mini-games. There are three sub-modes in the Mini-Game Stadium. Each is unlocked one after the other. Mini-Game Battle is the default mode and is a battle of mini-games. The player who wins three, five, or seven mini-games is the winner. Then Mini-Game Trial or Mini-Game Duel can be unlocked. Mini-Game Duel is unlocked when at least three duel minigames have been played. Mini-Game Trial is unlocked by playing a certain number of Mini-Game Battles. When all mini-games possible have been played - including those in the Mini-Game Stadium, the Mini-Game Coaster is unlocked.


The following table shows how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
The Minigame Space from Mario Party
Mini-Game Spaces
Total of Spaces 29

Official profiles[edit]

Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Wii Virtual Console manual: "At first, you will only be able to select one mode."


Audio.svg Mini-Game Stadium Theme - The theme for the Mini-Game Stadium in Mario Party
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Audio.svg Mini-Game Stadium - The theme for the Mini-Game Stadium in Mario Party 2
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Stadio dei/di Mini-Games[1]
Mini-Games Stadium
Spanish Estadio de Minijuegos
Minigames Stadium