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Not to be confused with Jukebox.
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The Juke Box is an item from Mario Party available in the Option House.

The Juke Box allows players to listen to any song from the game. The only requirement is that the player must have heard the song in the game itself first for it to appear in the Juke Box. The Juke Box becomes available for use after the player buys the Record from the Mushroom Shop for 50 Coins.


Song title Description
Opening Plays during the game's intro.
Mario Party Theme Plays on the title screen.
Playing the Game Plays during the explanation of the rules.
Peaceful Mushroom Village Plays in Mushroom Village, the main menu.
Mushroom Bank Theme Plays in the Mushroom Bank.
Option House Theme Plays in the Option House.
Mushroom Shop Theme Plays in the Mushroom Shop.
Mini-Game House Theme Plays in the Mini-Game House.
Traveling the Warp Pipe Plays in the Warp Pipe, which is were the game rules are set. Also plays in the Pot o' Skills.
Adventure Begins Plays when Koopa Troopa explains the board, and when determining turn order. Also plays at the beginning of Mini-Game Island.
Where Have the Stars Gone Plays when showing the Star's location.
Jungle Adventure Plays in DK's Jungle Adventure.
Birthday Cake Plays in Peach's Birthday Cake.
Tropical Island Plays in Yoshi's Tropical Island.
Battle Canyon Plays in Wario's Battle Canyon.
Engine Room Plays in Luigi's Engine Room.
Rainbow Castle Plays in Mario's Rainbow Castle.
Play a Mini-Game! Plays on the mini-game explanation screen.
In the Mushroom Forest Plays in Memory Match.
Ducking and Dodging Plays in the mini-games Coin Block Blitz, Coin Block Bash, Bumper Balls, Bombs Away, Box Mountain Mayhem, Grab Bag, and Bash 'n' Cash.
Full of Danger Plays in the mini-games Teetering Towers and Running of the Bulb, as well as the Mini-Game Island version of Hot Rope Jump.
The Wide, Wide Ocean Plays in the mini-games Cast Aways, Shy Guy Says, Treasure Divers, and Deep Sea Divers. As the name suggests, these mini-games involve the ocean.
Coins of the World Plays in the mini-games Coin Shower Flower, Crazy Cutter, Buried Treasure, Tipsy Tourney, Crane Game, and Hammer Drop. In the American version, it also plays in Musical Mushroom.
Taking Coins Plays in the mini-games Hot Bob-omb, Slot Machine, Bowl Over, Shell Game, and Knock Block Tower.
Let's Go Lightly Plays in the mini-games Bobsled Run and Platform Peril.
Faster Than All Plays in the mini-games Handcar Havoc, Slot Car Derby, and Bumper Ball Maze. These mini-games involve racing and setting records. In the American version, it also plays in Balloon Burst.
The Room Underground Plays in the mini-games Bombsketball, Pipe Maze, Whack-a-Plant, and Key-pa-Way. As the name suggests, these mini-games take place underground.
Slowly, Slowly Plays in the mini-games Ghost Guess and Pedal Power. These mini-games involve Boos.
Can it be done? Plays in the mini-games Ground Pound and Face Lift.
Dodging Danger Plays in the mini-games Piranha's Pursuit and Skateboard Scamper. These mini-games involve skateboarding.
Saving Courage Plays in the mini-games Mushroom Mix-Up and Tightrope Treachery.
Move to the Mambo! Exclusive to the European and Japanese versions. Plays in the mini-games Musical Mushroom and Balloon Burst.
Let's Limbo! Plays in the mini-games Paddle Battle, Limbo Dance, Desert Dash, Tug o' War, and Hot Rope Jump. These mini-games have an "exotic" feel to them.
Hit or Miss Chance Game Plays during Chance Time.
Koopa Troopa Theme Plays before the last 5 turns, as well as when announcing the winner(s) in Mini-Game Battle mode and when reaching the goal in Mini-Game Island.
Bowser's Theme Plays:
Outcome of Adventure Plays at the end of a board game - when counting Stars and coins and awarding bonus Stars.
Magma Mountain Plays in Bowser's Magma Mountain.
The Power of Stars Plays during the board's ending cutscene.
Ending Plays during the final results.
Mini-Game Stadium Theme Plays in Mini-Game Stadium.
Mini-Game Island Theme Plays in Mini-Game Island. Note that the version of the track in the Juke Box combines all of the themes, played in order, and loops only the World 9 variation.

Unlocked after beating Eternal Star for the first time[edit]

Song title Description
The Stolen Star Plays when returning to Mushroom Village for the first time after collecting 100 Stars and playing all boards at least once.
Where's the Star? Plays when showing the Stars' locations in Eternal Star.
Eternal Star Plays in Eternal Star.
Everyone's a Super Star! Plays during the credits.

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