Bumper Ball Maze

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Bumper Ball Maze
Bumper Ball Maze 1
Appears in Mario Party
Type 1-Player mini-game
Initial record 1'00"00 (all courses)
Music track Faster than All
Music sample

Bumper Ball Maze is an unlockable 1-Player minigame in Mario Party. It can be purchased and played at the Mini-Game House.


The player, on a ball, must move through the path maze to reach the finish line. Wooden shortcuts are provided throughout the path. If the player reaches the goal, they win a certain number of Coins depending on the time limit. If the player falls off the edge or if 60 seconds pass, they lose the minigame.

  • Bumper Ball Maze 1: Different path with a shortcut, unlocked after the player completes Mini-Game Island.
  • Bumper Ball Maze 2: Different path with two shortcuts, unlocked after the player completes all 50 minigames in Mini-Game Island.
  • Bumper Ball Maze 3: Different path with no shortcuts, unlocked after the player sets new time records on Maze 1 and Maze 2.


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Ride the ball all the way to the goal line. Push Control Stick slowly to move carefully along the path."
  • Advice"Be careful of the timer! If you go too slow, time will run out."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese (はしれ/いそげ/すすめ)!のっかれボール
(Hashire/Isoge/Susume)! Nokkare bōru
(Run/Hurry/Onward)! Ball Riding
French Laby-balles Portmanteau of labyrinthe (maze) and balles (balls)
German Kugellabyrinth Ball Maze