Slot Machine (Mario Party)

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Slot Machine
MP1 Slot Machine.png
Appears in Mario Party
Type 1-player minigame
Info In-game text
Game Rules
"Jump to hit the block, and try to match the pictures shown. If you get three of the same picture, you'll win Coins."
"If you match up the Hat Mark or the Treasure Chest Mark, you win lots of Coins."
Controls Control Stick: Move
A Button: Jump
Music Taking Coins

Slot Machine is a 1-player minigame found in Mario Party.


The player has to match three images by hitting a ! Block. If not all images are the same, the player will not receive any coins and lose the minigame. Unlike other 1-player minigames, when this minigame is lost, the player will not lose the usual five coins, as if they lost a normal 1-player minigame.

The coins associated with lining up each picture are as follows:

Symbols Coins gained
Hat 20 coins
Treasure Chest 10 coins
Fire Flower 8 coins
Mushroom 6 coins
Coin Bag 5 coins
Koopa Shell 3 coins
Coin 1 coin

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソロッタマシーン
Surotta Mashīn
Slot Machine
French Jackpot Jackpot
German Einarmiger Bandit One-Armed Bandit