Slot Machine (Mario Party)

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Slot Machine
Slot Machine
Appears in Mario Party
Type 1-Player mini-game
Music track Taking Coins
Music sample

Slot Machine is a 1-Player minigame found in Mario Party.


The player has to match three images by hitting a ! Block. If the player fails to get three identical symbols, no Coins are rewarded at all, causing the player to lose the minigame. Additionally, if five minutes pass, the player also loses the minigame. Unlike in most other 1-Player minigames, when this minigame is lost, the player does not lose the usual five Coins.

The numbers of Coins associated with lining up each picture are as follows:

Symbol Coins gained
Hat 20
Treasure Chest 10
Fire Flower 8
Mushroom 6
Coin Bag 5
Koopa Shell 3
Coin 1

The Coins spawn and must be collected manually before they despawn.


In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Jump to hit the block, and try to match the pictures shown. If you get three of the same picture, you'll win Coins."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island)"Jump up and hit the block and try to match the marks. Get three of the same marks to clear the game."
  • Advice"If you match up the Hat Mark or the Treasure Chest Mark, you win lots of Coins."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソロッタマシーン
Sorotta Mashīn
Slot Machine

French Jackpot
German Einarmiger Bandit
One-Armed Bandit
Italian Slot Machine[1]


  • This is the only minigame in the Mario Party series not to begin with a "Start!" or equivalent voice clip.
    • This is also the only minigame to feature a unique victory jingle—specifically, if the player matches any three symbols, with the exception of Mario's cap, which instead uses the "new record/perfect" jingle.
  • Unlike in other minigames, when the player starts this one from the explanation screen or at the Mini-Game House, the screen immediately cuts to black and then the start of the minigame fades in, rather than fading through white.
  • A glitch exists in the Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch Online version of Mario Party in which the texture behind the slot machine does not load properly. This has a variety of results, including no background loading at all, to background textures from other minigames (such as Face Lift) loading instead.


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