Teetering Towers

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Teetering Towers
Teetering Towers
Appears in Mario Party
Type 1-Player mini-game
Music track Full of Danger
Music sample

Teetering Towers is a 1-Player minigame found in Mario Party.


The player must jump across the tops of tilting towers. The towers tilt in a different direction depending on where the player lands. When a tower teeters over, the player must jump to the next one. Some of the towers have either a Coin or a Coin Bag. The minigame is cleared if the player reaches the final platform at the end. If the player falls into the pit, the minigame ends in a "Miss!" and they lose five Coins.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Jump

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Jump across the tops of the Teetering Towers. Depending on where you land, the towers tilt in a different direction."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island)"Jump across the tops of the Teetering Towers. Clear the game by reaching the goal."
  • Advice"Once the tower teeters over, jump with all you've got. Then you can make it to the next tower."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぐらぐらタワー
Guragura tawā
Wobbly Tower
French Bouscul'Tours Pun with the saying Bouscule tout (Jostles everything) and Tours (Towers)
German Schiefe Türme Leaning Towers


  • The moon in the background has a silhouette of Mario's side view imprinted on it. This can be seen only during the intro and outro (if the player wins).