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Bowser Space
MP10 SpaceBowser.png
Purpose Summons Bowser who causes a negative effect on players, such as stealing Stars, Coins, items or Mini Stars.
First appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest appearance Mario Party: The Top 100 (cameo) (2017)
“Now I'll just scatter some Bowser Spaces around the board to liven things up a bit!”
Bowser, Mario Party 10

Bowser Spaces are a recurring type of space in the Mario Party series. Their effect is more or less the same in each game – when landed on, they cause Bowser to appear and cause a major negative or otherwise game-altering effect for the player who landed on the space, and/or the other players as well. These events range from characters competing in minigames where losing carries the penalty of losing Coins and Stars to shuffling all characters' positions, as well as merely stealing characters' Coins and Stars with no provocation. Bowser Spaces tend to be fairly rare, with one to five on each board by default, but certain in-game events can often increase the number present. In all games that use the players' status panels to determine the type of minigame played, Bowser Spaces color the player's panel red.


Mario Party[edit]

In the first Mario Party, Bowser makes the player do one of his events via roulette. His events are the following:

  • Coins For Bowser: Bowser takes 10-30 Coins from that player.
  • Bowser Balloon Burst: Like the original Balloon Burst, but everyone who loses gets coins taken away. If the minigame ends by a tie, everyone loses up to 20 coins. 1 3
  • Bowser's Face Lift: Like the original Face Lift, but players that do not get 90 points or more lose coins. If all players achieve more than 90 points, Bowser steals up to 50 coins from the player who landed on his space.1
  • Bowser's Tug o' War: Like Tug o' War, except the losing side loses coins to Bowser. But if the minigame ends by a draw, everybody loses up to 30 coins. 1 2 3
  • Bash 'n' Cash: Like the normal Bash 'n' Cash, except any coins that the team of three collected go straight to Bowser. If the player doesn't get a single coin stolen in the minigame, Bowser takes 15 Coins from the player.2
  • Bowser Revolution: Bowser takes everyone's Coins and splits them evenly among all the players.
  • Bowser's Chance Time: Like Chance Time, but Bowser rigs it so that he is on the receiving end of the trade. Unlike normal Chance Time, Stars cannot be lost. If the player who gives coins to Bowser does not have any, Bowser will give them 10 coins.
  • 100 Star Present, 1000 Coin Present, and Star Steal: These are all in yellow text. The cursor very rarely lands on these events. If it does, Bowser leaves and does nothing.

1 The amount of coins taken ranges from 10-50, and usually correlates with the current turn number.

2 In the 1 vs. 3 games, whoever lands on the Bowser Space is always the single player.

3 If a tie occurs then everyone loses the same amount of coins. This is similar to Bowser's Coin Potluck from Mario Party 2 and 3. However, if everybody wins, Bowser will take coins from the player who triggered Bowser Space.

If the player has at least one Star, but no Coins, Bowser gives the player 10 coins in exchange for 1 Star.

If the player has no Coins or Stars, Bowser gives the player 20 Coins.

Aesthetically, the player encounters Bowser in the same background used for other character encounters in Mario Party such as Toad, Boo, and Koopa.

Mario Party 2[edit]

Bowser Space in Mario Party 2.

In Mario Party 2, the minigame events from the previous game were removed, while four new events were added. They include the following:

  • Coins for Bowser: This event now displays the amount of coins given to Bowser in the event's title. It has become the most common event, always appearing twice on the roulette wheel.
  • Bowser Revolution
  • Bowser's Chance Time
  • 10,000 Coin / 100 Star Present / Star Steal / Stars-Packed to Go: While the roulette lands on these events more frequently than the first game, Bowser will still leave without doing anything if it happens. Stars-Packed to Go is a new gold-lettered event added to the others.
  • Bowser's Coin Potluck: Like Coins for Bowser, but he takes coins from everyone. This is similar to when a tie occurs in Bowser's Balloon Burst and Bowser's Tug o' War in the original game.
  • Bowser's Multiplying Toads: Bowser does a "magic" trick that makes two Toads appear on the board. In effect, this moves the Star Space's position, adding a second Star Space as well. However, one of the Toads is Baby Bowser in disguise. Anyone who pays him 20 Coins for a Star makes him reveal himself and give them a worthless Ztar. A Magic Lamp can prevent this event by leading the player to the real Toad.
  • Bowser's Appearing Act: Getting this makes Bowser leave, then appear at Baby Bowser's position as the board villain at the end of the turn. This has the same effect as the Bowser Bomb item.

Aesthetically, Bowser now appears in a Bowser's Castle-like background, without the player being directly visible.

Mario Party 3[edit]

In Mario Party 3, Bowser's Chance Time, Bowser's Multiplying Toads, and Bowser's Appearing Act were removed, while five new events were introduced. The events include:

  • Coins for Bowser
  • Bowser Revolution: Unchanged from the previous games mechanically, but Bowser now flashes red during this event.
  • 10,000 Coin / 100 Star Present / Star Steal / Stars-Packed to Go
  • Bowser's Coin Potluck
  • Bowser's Curse: Bowser flashes violet, then puts a curse on all the players that forces them to move 1-3 spaces on their next turn, much like a Poison Mushroom, unless they use an item that cancels the effect.
  • Bowser's Reverse Curse: Bowser flashes green, then puts a curse on all the players that forces them to move backwards on their next turn, much like a Reverse Mushroom, unless they use an item that cancels the effect.
  • Bowser Shuffle: Bowser flashes yellow, then uses his magic to shuffle all players' positions on the board.
  • Bowser Phone Giveaway: Bowser gives the player a Bowser Phone for free. On rare occasions, Bowser may give 2 Bowser Phones.
  • Bowser Suit Giveaway: Bowser gives the player a Bowser Suit for free.

Mario Party 4[edit]

In Mario Party 4, the Bowser Space is significantly reworked compared to the previous games. Usually, a Koopa Kid will appear in Bowser's place, hanging from a balloon and stealing 10-30 Coins (in increments of 5) from either the player who landed on the space, or (less commonly) all four players. This works similarly to the Coins for Bowser and Bowser's Coin Potluck events from previous games.

More rarely, Bowser himself appears, flattening the player who landed on the space and any others standing there. One of several named events is then activated like in previous games, but Bowser now decides the event himself, instead of picking from a roulette. The following four events may be selected by Bowser, three of which return from Mario Party 3:

  • Bowser Mini-Game: Formatted as "Bowser Game" in the text that displays on screen when the event is announced, this new event is the most common, and involves the four players playing one of three Bowser Mini-Games. All three of these mini-games are hosted by Bowser and two Koopa Kids, and always end with one loser, who is burned by Bowser's fire breath and forced to give up all their items, all their Coins, half their Coins, or one Star.
  • Bowser Revolution: Bowser now flashes blue during this event.
  • Bowser Shuffle: Bowser now flashes blue during this event.
  • Bowser Suit: Similarly to the Bowser Suit Giveaway from the previous game, Bowser gives a Bowser Suit to the player who landed on the space. This event is now the only way to obtain a Bowser Suit, and occurs much more rarely than before, being rarer than the other events by a significant margin.

Sometimes, when Koopa Kid is about to leave after taking Coins, he will call for Bowser, causing Bowser to start an event immediately afterwards.

If Koopa Kid appears when the player has no Coins, he will give the player 10 Coins. Bowser, however, will start an event regardless of the player's number of Coins.

Aesthetically, the screen now darkens and a flashing Bowser silhouette accompanied by Bowser's laugh now appears when the player lands on a Bowser Space, followed by Koopa Kid or Bowser's arrival.

Mario Party 5[edit]

In Mario Party 5, the Bowser Suit event is removed and Koopa Kid no longer appears to take Coins from the player, while one new event is added.

  • Bowser Mini-Game: Formatted differently than in Mario Party 4 – any number of players may win or lose depending on their individual performance. Bowser will take Coins, Stars, or capsules from any losers, while sparing the winners.
  • Bowser Revolution: Bowser no longer flashes during this event.
  • Bowser Shuffle: Bowser no longer flashes during this event.
  • Bowser Bonus: In this new event, Bowser gives a Ztar to the player, taking away one of their Stars.

Sometimes, before Bowser declares an event, Donkey Kong appears and punches Bowser. Bowser then blames Donkey Kong for ruining the event, and tells the player that he will leave quietly, but not without the coins. He then steals 10 or 20 Coins from the player. This can only occur if the next space in the path is level with the Bowser Space, since Donkey Kong initially appears on the next space before jumping down to face Bowser.[1]

If a player lands on a Bowser Space and does not have any Coins, Bowser will give the player 10 Coins.

In this game, each board starts with only one Bowser Space in the place of a random Red Space, rather than having constant locations on each board. If a player receives a Bowser Capsule, Bowser will appear and turn a Red Space into another Bowser Space. Also, during the Last Five Turns Event, one of the roulette events will turn all Red Spaces into Bowser Spaces.

In Story Mode, there are no Bowser Spaces on the board by default, but they may be added by Bowser Capsules. If the player lands on a Bowser Space, Bowser will take half of the coins. If a Koopa Kid lands on a Bowser Space, Bowser will give them 5 coins.

Mario Party 6[edit]

In Mario Party 6, Bowser Spaces only appear during the night in Party Mode, replaced by DK Spaces during the day. The Bowser Revolution and Bowser Shuffle are removed from the event rotation, and no new events were added, leaving only the following two events:

  • Bowser Mini-Game: Once again the most common event, largely unchanged from their format in the previous game (though with a new set of mini-games).
  • Bowser Bonus: Reworked from the previous game, Bowser now hits a special Dice Block in this event, displaying a certain number of Coins or Stars. Bowser then steals the number of Coins and Stars indicated from the player.

There are no Bowser Spaces or DK Spaces in Clockwork Castle.

In Solo Mode, Bowser Spaces always activate the same event – Bowser's Mini-Game, in which Bowser forces the player to play a 4-Player, 1 vs. 3, or 2 vs. 2 mini-game against the colored Koopa Kids. If the player wins, Bowser gives them the mini-game played and 10 Coins, while losing causes Bowser to take all of the player's Coins or mini-games.

Additionally, the Bowser Revolution event from previous games can now occur during the Last Five Turns Event, despite no longer occurring on the Bowser Space.

Mario Party 7[edit]

In Mario Party 7, the Bowser Bonus is removed, leaving only the Bowser Mini-Game, which is now divided into two events:

  • Single-Player Bowser Mini-Game: Now the more common of the two events, the player who landed on the space faces off against Bowser in one of three mini-games. Losing carries the penalty of the player's Coins or Stars being taken as usual.
  • Multiplayer Bowser Mini-Game: Resembling the Bowser Mini-Games of the previous games, all four players participate in one of three mini-games where losing carries the penalty of the player's Coins or Stars being taken.

Multiplayer Bowser Mini-Games do not occur during Solo Mode, due to requiring four players. Additionally, Bowser no longer threatens to take players' Orbs if they lose his mini-games.

Mario Party 7 also introduces Koopa Kid Spaces, which have a similar effect to Bowser Spaces from the earlier titles, including events similar to the Bowser Revolution and Bowser Shuffle.

Aesthetically, the flashing Bowser silhouette remains from previous games, but the player is now dropped into a hole and sent to the board's Start Space where they encounter Bowser, as opposed to Bowser flattening the player.

No Bowser Spaces appear in Bowser's Enchanted Inferno!

Mario Party 8[edit]

In Mario Party 8, all DK Spaces are replaced with Bowser Spaces when someone lands on a DK Space, and vice versa. Bowser now performs events specific to each board, which are in some way the inverse of what happens on DK Spaces and can be considered harmful to the player. The following events occur on each board:

  • DK's Treetop Temple: Bowser moves the Star to a different location, similar to the Lucky Lamp, Chomp Call and Tweester Capsule items from past games.
  • Goomba's Booty Boardwalk: Bowser orders Lava Bubbles to attack the player three times. The player will have to jump to dodge the Lava Bubbles. Each successful hit costs the player 10 coins if the player fails to avoid them (losing 30 coins; 10 coins for each hit). If the player has zero coins, Bowser gives them 10 coins.
  • King Boo's Haunted Hideaway: Bowser covers all the pitfalls with his own platforms. He then steals a Star from the first player who reaches one of his platforms. He steals all of the player's coins in Star Battle Arena, but gives 10 coins to players who have zero coins. and sends them back to the start, and leaves. This also happens if the player has no Stars. Bowser also leaves if the house is shuffled by King Boo, or if someone lands on a DK Space.
  • Shy Guy's Perplex Express: Bowser's Bad-Breath Express overtakes the current locomotive. If the first player who reaches Bowser has a Star, he steals it. In Star Battle Arena he steals half of the player's coins, but gives 10 coins to players who have zero coins. If the player doesn't have any Stars, Bowser gives them ten coins. The Bad-Breath Express leaves once either someone passes Bowser, or if someone lands on a DK Space.
  • Koopa's Tycoon Town: Bowser steals a lump of coins from one of the five main hotels, mainly those of the top three investors. If enough coins are taken, the hotel is downsized and the owner loses a star.
  • Bowser's Warped Orbit: Bowser steals a Star from the player. If they don't have any Stars, Bowser gives them 10 coins.

Mario Party DS[edit]

In Mario Party DS, Bowser randomly chooses one of four options:

  • Gimme Coins!: The player loses 20 coins. Sometimes the player loses 10 Coins instead. If the player does not have 20, Bowser always cuts it down to 10 Coins. If the player has less than 10, they have to forfeit all their Coins.
  • Gimme Stars!: The player loses one Star.
  • Gimme Charity!: The player has to give 10 coins to each of the other players. If the player can't give exactly 10 Coins to each of the other players, they have to give as many coins as possible.
    • In Battle Royale, the player will lose a total of 30 Coins. If less than 30, the highest amount divisible by three will be the basis (depending how many Coins the player has that can be given out to the other players equally).
    • In Duel & Team Battle, 10 Coins is all the player has to give. If less than 10, the player has to forfeit all their Coins.
  • Gimme Equality!: Essentially the same thing as the Bowser Revolution from previous games, Bowser redistributes all the coins so that every player has an equal amount. This is the only event that can potentially benefit the player. If the player has no Coins, this event is usually picked.

Aesthetically, Bowser now appears on the Nintendo DS's top screen after brief tremors.

No Bowser Spaces appear in Bowser's Pinball Machine.

Mario Party 9[edit]

Bowser Spaces return in Mario Party 9, where they are usually put on by Bowser as a "gift" for the captain after the players reach Green Toad. When a Bowser Space is landed on a board, Bowser activates a roulette, and one of the following events initiates:

  • Bowser Revolution
    • This event has the same effect as in past games, but, due to the removal of coins for this installment, Bowser instead takes everyone's Mini Stars or Bananas and distributes them equally amongst the players.
    • If there is an uneven number of total Mini Stars in play, Bowser will take out the extra Mini Stars or Bananas and keep them for himself.
    • This event is now as rare as "Get 10,000 Mini Stars/Bananas", since players are only playing for Mini Stars or Bananas.
  • Lose Half of your Mini Stars/Bananas
    • Bowser steals half of the captain's Mini Stars.
    • If the captain is in last place, Bowser won't take any Mini Stars and may instead double their Mini Stars.
      • If the last place captain is playing in DK's Jungle Ruins, Bowser often doubles their Bananas.
  • Battle for half of your Mini Stars
    • Bowser takes half of each player's Mini Stars and forces everyone to play a Battle Minigame to win them back. Just like Hammer Bro's version, the Mini Stars are distributed to the players based on the results of the minigame, with first place receiving a massive portion and last place receiving none. However, Bowser keeps any extra Mini Stars that cannot be split to the players.
    • The only difference between both versions of Battle Minigames is Bowser consumes a huge total of Mini Stars for a Jackpot, while Hammer Bro only collects a total of 12.
    • The Battle Minigame will always be one of the Free-For-All Minigames, with the usual selection process applied.
    • This event does not appear in DK's Jungle Ruins or when playing with only two players.
    • The payout goes as follows:
Position 3 Players 4 Players
1st 75% 50%
2nd 25% 30%
3rd 0% 20%
4th - 0%
  • Reverse Minigame
    • Bowser forces everyone to compete in a minigame with an objective opposite the one that the minigame normally requires. (e.g. if the minigame's objective is to survive the longest, the objective is now to be the first to be eliminated) Afterward, Bowser gives 10 Mini Stars (20 Bananas in DK's Jungle Ruins) to the player(s) who came in last place.
    • Four minigames are playable in this mode: Tumble Temple, Thwomper Room, Billistics, and Chain Event.
    • In a rare case, if all the players come in last, Bowser does not give any Mini Stars or Bananas at all.
  • Give 5 or 10 Mini Stars/15 Bananas to Last Place
    • Bowser forces the current captain to give Mini Stars or Bananas to the player currently in last place.
    • If last place player is the captain, Bowser gives the captain the Mini Stars or Bananas.
    • If all players are tied for first place, Bowser spares the Captain and does not give or take any Mini Stars or Bananas to rivals.
    • If multiple players are in last place but not the captain himself/herself, Bowser will randomly select one of the last place players.
  • Everybody loses Special Dice Blocks
  • Get 10,000 Mini Stars/Bananas
    • Bowser mocks the captain for thinking that he will actually give them 10,000 Mini Stars, ending the event with no further actions.
    • In DK's Jungle Ruins, if the captain lands on a Bowser Space and gets the option Get 10,000 Bananas, Bowser will claim that he "got a bit hungry" and ate them.
    • Sometimes, Bowser states that he does not have 10,000 Mini Stars or Bananas, but he gives them 10 instead.
      • Bowser will always give the captain 10 Mini Stars or Bananas if they are in last place.

The Reverse & Battle Minigames qualify as Bowser Minigames due to the normal rules & Mini Star distribution changed from Bowser.

Any minigames triggered by Bowser follow the same selection process as normal (captain chooses from three random games; last-place player chooses if past Green Toad).

Mario Party: Island Tour[edit]

In Mario Party: Island Tour, the Bowser Spaces appear in some boards, not all. If a player lands on one (or if playing in Bowser's Tower and the player and Green Toad encounter him on a floor), Bowser activates a roulette with four or five options.

  • Go back (number) spaces!
    • Bowser forces the player to go back a number of spaces.
  • Everybody trade items!
    • Bowser calls everybody out and have players (two at a time) trade all their items to their rivals.
  • Switch places with a someone!
    • The player switches places with a rival (selected by a second roulette with rivals' faces)
    • Exactly the same method to the Crazy Kamek item in Perilous Palace Path
    • This helps if the player is losing.
    • Only appears on Bowser's Peculiar Peak.
  • Warp to last place!
    • Bowser forces the player to go to the same space as last place.
  • Advance (number) spaces!
    • In Perilous Palace Path, this only occurs if the player is in last place and nobody has any items at all, and that player will be warped that number of spaces forward (via spring trigger).
    • Appears mostly on Bowser's Peculiar Peak.
  • Get 1 or 2 free items!
    • Exactly like the Item Space, but only occurs if the player is in last place and nobody has any items at all.
  • Give last place a gift!
    • Bowser forces that player to give one item to the player in last place.
    • If more than one player is in last place, Bowser will randomly choose one of them to receive the item.
    • If the player is in last place himself/herself, Bowser himself give an item to the player.
  • Imitate Bowser's Voice
    • Triggers the Utter Nonsense minigame and auto-selects Bowser. The three (or occasionally one) loser(s) all get punished. (This does not appear if Mic is turned off in Minigame Pack or if CPUs are playing)

The following do not have a serious effect:

  • Get 300 Items (Perilous Palace Path)
  • Warp directly to the goal (Perilous Palace Path)
  • Go back 980 spaces (Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • Receive a lifetime supply of cotton candy (Shy Guy's Shuffle City)

Something similar happens when a player gets a Bowser Penalty.

Bowser's Tower[edit]

  • Fall down 1 floor!
    • Bowser will push the player and Green Toad down one floor, causing them to play that floor again.
  • Bowser's underlings get tougher!
    • The next minigame will have the CPU players one level up.
    • Example: Easy level to Normal level
  • Bowser's underlings get WAY tougher!
    • The next minigame will have the CPU players two levels up
    • Example: Easy level to Hard level

Nothing happens if any of the following is selected:

  • Get 1,000,000 Mario Party Points (Bowser's Tower)
  • Lose all of your Mario Party Points (Bowser's Tower)
  • Start over again on the first floor (Bowser's Tower)
  • Go directly to the top floor (Bowser's Tower)

Mario Party 10[edit]

In, Mario Party 10, landing on a Bowser Space triggers a roulette that causes havoc to the player. The roulette recycles events from Mario Party 9. On amiibo Party, coins and Stars could be lost. In this game, however, Bowser no longer helps the player if they are in last place (with some exceptions). Additionally, Bowser Spaces only appear if the player frees Bowser before reaching the homestretch, except in Chaos Castle.

Returning Bowser Events from Mario Party 9

  • Win 10,000 Mini Stars
    • Bowser will now always give the player only one Mini Star.
  • Bowser Revolution
  • Lose half of your Mini Stars
    • Even if the player is in last place, Bowser or Bowser Jr. will always reduce the captain's Mini Stars by half.
  • Battle for half of your Mini Stars
    • If the Mini Stars cannot be split to the players, Bowser will provide extra Mini Stars to the players in the top 3 positions.
    • If a tie occurs, a Dice Block decides, unlike Mario Party 9.
    • The payout goes as follows:
Position 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players
1st 100% 75% 60%
2nd 0% 25% 30%
3rd - 0% 10%
4th - - 0%
  • Give 10 Mini Stars to the player in last place
    • Unlike the "Lose Half of Your Mini Stars" Event, Bowser will give the captain 10 Mini Stars if he/she is in last place.
  • Reverse Minigame

amiibo Party Events

There is one Bowser Space located on the upper-right section of each board at the start of an amiibo Party game, this can only be changed with the Bowser Space Roulette, which can turn Red Spaces into them or the opposite. If Bowser stops on Bowser Space, he will obtain the amount of coins, a Star, or a Special Dice Block depending on the event.

  • Lose (number) coins!
    • On some occasions, Bowser may give the player coins, if they are in last place.
    • If the player has no coins but is not in last place, nothing happens.
  • Lose half your coins!
    • If the player has an odd number of coins, Bowser only takes the rounded down portion.
  • Lose 1 Star!
    • If the player has no Stars but is not in last place, nothing happens.
    • If the player is in last place, Bowser gives the player 1 Star.
      • Depending on how far the player is from their rivals, Bowser may also take one Star from the first place rival and give it to the player.[2]
  • Give 1 Star to the player in last place!
    • Unlike Lose 1 Star, Bowser will force the player to give one of their stars to the one in last place.
  • Lose half of your Stars!
    • Bowser takes half of the player's Stars.
    • If the player has an odd amount, Bowser only takes the rounded down portion.
    • This is a very rare event to come up and usually only appears when the player has at least 4 stars.

Official profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Wii Virtual Console manual: "Bowser appears and causes trouble."

Super Smash Bros. Brawl sticker[edit]

The Bowser Space from Mario Party 6 appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Sticker, but it is renamed Bowser Coin for unknown reasons. It isn't that it comes from another game, because the game appearance is labeled as Mario Party 6.

Image Game Effect
Bowser Coin Sticker.png Mario Party 6 [Arm] - Attack +8


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパマス
Kuppa masu
Bowser Space
Spanish Espacio Bowser
Casilla de Bowser
Bowser Space
French Espace Bowser (MP1 and 2)
Case Bowser (MP3+)
Bowser Space
German Bowser-Feld Bowser Space
Italian Spazio di Bowser Bowser's Space
Korean 쿠파포인트
Kupa Pointeu
Bowser Point
Chinese 庫巴格
Kùbā Gé
Bowser Space


  • The event Bowser Revolution or something with the same effect has been in all Mario Party games, except Mario Party 8, Mario Party: Island Tour and Super Mario Party.
  • Because Bowser is entirely playable in Super Mario Party, Bowser Spaces do not appear at all, and the function of causing bad luck to players is given to the Bad Luck Spaces, where they are hosted by Kamek.
  • In Mario Party 3, Bowser can be seen sitting on the floor occasionally. This only affects the cutscene by making it slightly longer.


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